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BCD Expands Nexus Portal Solution with a Breadth of Desktop Convenience in new Version 3

For Immediate Release

Chicago , IL , September 18, 2006: Today, a major new general release of Nexus Portal from Business Computer Design Int’l, Inc. (BCD) became available to IBM iSeries and System i shops. Nexus portal offers controlled, secured and organized access to applications, documents, dashboards, content and productivity tools for employees, trading partners and clients.

The new version 3 received major changes to Nexus which improved every aspect of the portal solution, including the redesign of almost every user and administration page, offering even greater functionality. This version offers new features for Enterprise Content Management (ECM), WYSIWYG page design, a site skins visual HTML editor for customizing the look of the portal, revamped user and group management interfaces, more navigation menu options as well as new productivity features.

Completely New ECM Features

ECM features, new to Nexus, now simplify content management, content navigation, including search and retrieval of objects. Also, new controls for BCD’s document management solution Catapult are better integrated into the portal for simplified auto-filing into specific archiving folders in Nexus including the auto-indexing of reports and documents used for searching and retrieval.

The new ECM Navigator offers a tree-like structure that emulates a Windows Explorer interface to give you access to virtual folders and links to documents stored within the ECM framework and elsewhere. Portlets that comprise the ECM Viewer in Nexus allow you to access and view content published in Word, Excel, PDF, HTML and other common formats.

Nexus ECM also allows you to create or manage reusable templates that control the page design whenever you display any document. You can incorporate easy-to-read gauges and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) into these pages through the use of BCD’s free tool, included with Nexus, called SmartCharts, for instant Executive Dashboard access to mission critical information in real-time.

User and Group Management

An entirely new group management interface makes easy work of complex group user structures. To cut down on administrator requests, user level group managers can be granted authority to create groups or add users. Another new group management feature allows for groups to be created within groups. This saves time when several users are added who have the same authority. And, group inheritance properties facilitate the precise construction of subgroups.

WYSIWYG Page Design and Site Skins

A completely customizable web-based user interface added to Nexus 3 allows you to create your own pages with pre-designed skins or design your own skins to create an appearance that is consistent with your corporate or organizational image. Drag-and-drop page design capabilities and skin preview offer an instant WYSIWYG view of what a page of portlets will look like, which helps you get pages designed more quickly.

More Main Menu Navigation System Options

Menus appear at the top of the Nexus user interface. They provide access to all the pages (personal, group pages, and ECM document pages) to which you are authorized. You can now create custom menus with links to ECM documents or URLs, organize your menus (control what menu option is displayed, and in what order) and attach authorities to your menus.

Productivity Tools

Several value-add Portlets are also included in Nexus 3. These time savers include chart-building wizards, a new calendar, improved Web messaging and spool file retrieval among others.

Nexus 3 marks a milestone in iSeries – System i technological advancements by putting an ultra- modern face on the desktop to leverage productivity and security. To download Nexus 3 on a free trial basis visit To schedule a Live Web Demo or ask any questions, call BCD at (630) 986-0800, or send an email to Nexus as a standalone product normally sells for $12,500 for a single partition, however, the Nexus Portal license is Free with paid annual software maintenance.

About Nexus

Nexus is a web portal that provides a controlled, secured and organized framework for accessing applications, documents, dashboards and productivity tools. This interface consists of Portlets inside a main navigational layout. Portlets can be enterprise web applications built with BCD’s WebSmart, or other web development tools, executive dashboards, they can be windows to external applications such as RSS news feeds, shipment tracking, stock tickers, ECM and more.

Nexus also includes an advanced feature called Enterprise Content Management (ECM).  The Nexus ECM lets users archive and retrieve documents that would normally be stored on a PC or network drive.  These include Word and Excel documents, PPT, PDF docs, text pages, and even executable programs. Nexus also integrates with Catapult, BCD’s automated iSeries – System I report and document management and distribution tool. Catapult offers a feature that auto-files iSeries spool files and documents to the Nexus ECM, and automatically create search indexes from content in the reports and documents, for easy search and retrieval in the Nexus ECM.

Users receive several portlet productivity tools with Nexus, including interactive Outlook-like calendars for workflow management, to-do list portlets, and links portlets to manage favorite links
to applications or external sites. Other portlets facilitate real-time send and receive messaging capabilities, secure point and click access to spool files and more. There is also an option for 5250 green screen emulation.

Nexus uses unique technology that embeds directly into the Apache Web Server to eliminate unauthorized attempts to access secured content or applications. By imposing tight security at the web server level, Nexus ensures that attempts to go to unauthorized URLs and view content or run applications are trapped before getting to the Nexus application software layer.

About BCD

BCD has received 35+ industry awards for its software products and has 30 years of experience in the IBM midrange marketplace. Over 30,000 copies of its software products have been sold to 10,000+ organizations. WebSmart, Clover, Nexus, and Catapult are listed on IBM’s iSeries Developers Roadmap. BCD is a member of IBM’s System I ISV Advisory Council and is an IBM Advanced Business Partner. All of BCD’s key products are IBM ServerProven and several are IBM ValueAdd for eCommerce.