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WebSmart V6 Delivers Exhilarating New Power

Visual, interactive debugger and additional new features accelerate web application development - simplifies maintenance throughout program lifecycle

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Chicago , IL , September 18, 2006: Business Computer Design International, Inc. (BCD), a leading provider of software solutions focused on Web and IBM iSeries – System i application development, Portal and document management technology, today announced a major new version of its highly acclaimed Web application development solution, WebSmart.

WebSmart version 6 introduces interactive visual debugging capabilities, new templates and template assistance, enhanced support for Web services, SOA and international languages, dynamic Flash charts and KPIs with SmartCharts, piping support, and an improved UI that simplifies WebSmart’s use even further. WebSmart 6 also includes better integration with BCD’s portal solution, Nexus. Countless other innovations and improvements are also included.

Real-time visual Interactive Debugger

For the first time, developers who use WebSmart to modernize iSeries – System i business applications can check for possible defects in their programs with apowerful new visual, interactive debugger that is fully integrated into and accessible from the WebSmart IDE.

The new interactive visual debugger allows you to step through a program’s source code while it is running. Being able to check variables at runtime and stop the program at any point to resolve incorrect values gives you better control of your development environment and lets you finish your programs faster. A single click starts and stops the debug process, and both editing and debugging can be done in the same window. This feature eliminates the need to toggle back and forth between GUI and a green-screen debugging session.

As the generated WebSmart program is running, WebSmart’s IDE matches the exact line of PML code to the corresponding lines of generated RPG code so developers get a totally accurate picture of the code execution process. According to Duncan Kenzie, President of BCD’s development partner organization- ExcelSystems, “Debugging web applications has traditionally been difficult because it is cumbersome for developers to determine which HTTP server job is running their code, and to trap it for debugging purposes. The new WebSmart IDE debugger removes that obstacle by transparently determining the correct job and program to debug. All the developer has to do is click a single button to start debugging. In addition, the cross-reference of PML to generated RPG code feature ensures that developers can see the exact lines of code that are running, helping to pinpoint potential bugs in their code. This is a huge advantage for RPG programmers.”

Since programs often fail because of incorrect variable values, a convenient hover-over facility that displays the value range of variable fields is also included in the IDE. As a program is running, you can hover over any variable name and get an immediate real-time view of its value.

The Interactive Visual Debug feature includes a facility to specify an automatic path from which to launch the debugger. This feature is useful when the program you are testing is called from an earlier web page in the application such as a link or a submitted form.

Kenzie adds, “Writing an interactive debugger is a complex task. Even IBM’s CTO of the iSeries- Mike Smith was impressed by the fact that we figured out how to write code using the debugger APIs.”

Expanded template resources

Also for the first time, an innovative Template Assistant is available to help you choose the desired appearance and functionality of a new WebSmart application. The Template Assistant provides you with a clear, visual representation of each WebSmart application template. Templates are available for virtually every business requirement imaginable. It describes in detail the functionality and the options available for each, and offers support for your own customized templates.

WebSmart 6 brings more value to the workbench by offering new and enhanced template capabilities. Changes to your HTML can now be made in consolidated add and change panels. All templates make extensive use of CSS stylesheets instead of HTML formatting which makes it easier to change the look and feel of a site throughout its lifecycle. And, a new family of templates delivers a consistent look and feel across all three of BCD’s feature-packed Web development tools, namely WebSmart, Clover, and Nexus.

Piping support

Another new feature that puts expert-level Web development capabilities in the hands of RPG programmers is piping support. ‘Piping’ gives you the ability to direct formatted data with markup such as HTML or XML, to destinations like the IFS or an email client. This powerful feature lets you compose HTML emails using the editing and formatting capabilities in WebSmart. Top quality email communications speak well of your business and have a positive impact on recipients.

To aid with SOA and Web services objectives, piping also facilitates the construct ion of XML documents that enable the exchange of information between servers. Y ou can also build XML-based Excel spreadsheets using WebSmart’s comprehensive markup-language editing capabilities and piping.

Major Internationalization Enhancements

In order to further simplify internationalization of web sites, this newest release of WebSmart has minimized the need for translation tables. It also simplifies the configuration of non-English language servers. WebSmart 6 automatically determines the correct Code Character Set Identifiers (CCSIDs) from your system values during the ‘install’ process . Extended send email functions, SMTP configuration, and dynamic language translation of static IFS files are also new offerings in this release.

Dynamic Flash Charts, Graphs and KPIs with SmartCharts

Visually improve the communication of your enterprise data by adding any of the hundreds of  SmartChart flash graphs, charts and gauges.  SmartCharts is now included at no extra cost.

Updated IDE reflects XP standards

WebSmart’s IDE has been updated and now conforms to Microsoft Windows XP standards for user presentation, and offers more flexible editing navigational aids. A new ‘Most Recently Used’ files interface displays the storage location of the PDW that can be located within or outside of WebSmart’s Change Management system. The improved IDE also displays in the status bar the full path information for the file in use.

Improved integration with BCD’s Nexus Portal

A new WebSmart function is now available that lets you retrieve information on the current Nexus user and session so you can use it to integrate your own WebSmart applications more tightly into the Nexus security framework.

Compatibility with other Web development environments

WebSmart 6 also offers support for a standardized set of web programming keywords and coding constructs recognized by a host of HTML design tools like Macromedia’s Dreamweaver and Microsoft’s FrontPage.

In discussing this significant WebSmart announcement, Eric Figura, BCD’s Director of Sales and Marketing said, ’’With new version 6 there is just no faster or easier way to build complete Web applications that extend iSeries – System i applications than with this robust solution. You literally have everything at your fingertips to quickly deploy defect-free software. With BCD you simply have more integrated modernization options to take you further. “

WebSmart represents the strongest value proposition of all iSeries - System i Web development technologies and performs optimally on all size iSeries - System i computers. To download WebSmart V6 and all BCD solutions visit To talk to a product specialist or schedule a Live Web Demo, call BCD at (630) 986-0800, or send an email to The WebSmart Interactive Development Environment (IDE) for unlimited developers ranges from $5,800 to $11,500. The Web Application Server (WAS) for unlimited end-users runs $5,200 to $11,000 based on the model and processor.

About BCD

BCD has received 35+ industry awards for its software products and has 30 years of experience in the IBM midrange marketplace. Over 30,000 copies of its software products have been sold to 10,000+ organizations. WebSmart, Clover, Nexus, and Catapult are listed on IBM’s iSeries Developers Roadmap. BCD is a member of IBM’s System I ISV Advisory Council and is an IBM Advanced Business Partner. All of BCD’s key products are IBM ServerProven and several are IBM ValueAdd for eCommerce.