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BCD wins two new ' Products of the Year' Awards

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Honored include: WebSmart and Catapult

BCD has received one Gold and one Silver Award for Catapult and WebSmart. The Search400 editorial staff, along with users, industry experts, analysts, and consultants judged the awards. Winners were selected on the basis of innovation, performance, ease of integration into existing environments, ease of use and manageability, functionality and value.

GOLD AWARD: Catapult, Version 5.6

Selecting the top winner in the Document Management category proved to be more of a challenge to our judges, as the two favorite products provided very different functions. But when looking at the number of enhancements added to each, Business Computer Design International Inc.'s Catapult came out on top.

BCD added several features to Catapult, Version 5.6 that transform it from being a simple report distribution tool to a strategic report and document solution. Judges took particular note of the autonomic and security features that were added.

Catapult's GrabRules feature can be defined to automatically populate the Enterprise Content Manager (ECM) within BCD's Nexus Web portal. That includes extracting search terms from within the document. Catapult can then designate the security for each document it distributes to the ECM. Users can then access documents via any Web browser with Nexus Web Portal.

Other features added in this version of Catapult include the following:

  • File chopping: This breaks large files into more manageable and faster performing blocks.
  • Call-out program replacement values: Catapult supports the ability to call a user-written program that will return replacement values for use in Catapult.
  • Data extraction replacement values: Catapult can extract data values directly from your reports.
  • CSS style sheets: The HTML generator in Catapult Poller is new and now supports the ability to include a link to an external style sheet within the generated HTML document.
  • Group e-mailing: Catapult now generates separate e-mail messages for any e-mail request that contains multiple addresses in the field. Rather than send one e-mail to a large list, Catapult can send separate e-mail messages to each recipient to help keep e-mail addresses private.

The judges also raved about Catapult's ease of integration into established environments. Catapult does not require numerous modules to add on; all the functionality you need is in the one product. On top of that, it's easy to use. Authorized users or administrators define the rules they want for a report, and the product runs. The rules need to be established only once for a report.

"It's a complete all-in-one product," one judge said. "It is packed with features that allows for a wide range of document management tasks."-- editors

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SILVER AWARD: WebSmart, Version 5.24

Business Computer Design International Inc.'s WebSmart, Version 5.24 follows through on its promise to quickly generate Web applications. Using WebSmart, developers can avoid having to write their own code and can often create iSeries Web applications in less than 30 minutes.

WebSmart generates ILE-RPG CGI or Java for developing and deploying Web and wireless applications using iSeries and non-iSeries databases. WebSmart ILE's development is done using a Windows-based interactive development environment (IDE) that automatically produces CGI programs that provide dynamic Web content via the original HTTP server or Apache server. Programs are generated in RPGLE to ensure the code can deploy on even the smallest iSeries or AS/400 servers.

The WebSmart Java Servlet Edition uses the same IDE but generates Java servlets. It gives developers the ability to generate dynamic Web applications that execute on operating systems that support WebSphere, Tomcat, BEA Weblogic and other Java-centric Web application servers.

WebSmart 5.24 includes several new features, including support for WebSmart Clover. This plug-in is an iSeries query tool that generates reports in HTML for display in Web browsers. WebSmart also supports Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax), which lets you create more dynamic Web applications, and it lets you build programs that access other servers via Web services.-- editors