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BCD Adds Productivity Boost, Flexibility to Nexus Version 3 Beta

For Immediate Release

Chicago, IL, March 27, 2006: Today, Business Computer Design Int’l, Inc. (BCD) ( announced a major new Beta release of Nexus that includes Portals, Enterprise Content Management and Executive Dashboards. Nexus makes organizing key desktop resources even easier than it was in previous releases of the tool. Nexus presents a secure and consistent framework for consolidating an expansive array of web applications and tools. For a limited time, BCD is offering Nexus to all iSeries – i5 installations license Free for only the cost of annual maintenance.

New in this major release of Nexus are robust Enterprise Content Management (ECM) portlets that provide rich content management of published Web content that exists in Word, Excel, PDF, HTML and other common formats. In addition, Nexus now lets you create Executive Dashboards with easy to read charts and graphs and gauges that can act as KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

New ECM collaboration tools allow site or group administrators, or even end-users to post content though a rich web client interface which comprises a powerful text editing tool. This editor lets you control the application of fonts, styles, images, and links to external data sources or to create your own online content. The simplicity of its WYSIWYG design is the key to making content management tasks available to all users with appropriate authority. Highly granular rules control access and editing of content, which is organized within Folders in a Windows-Explorer-like viewer.

A new ECM Navigator portlet lets you control how folders and documents appear in your portal, and users can create templates to display customized embedded content and portlets associated with any given document or folder of documents.

The appearance of the ECM Content Viewer can be customized by selecting headings, footers, and customized fonts that fit your criteria. The portal header can include a search box so you can quickly find the information you need with a search on pre-defined indices or keywords.

New support for ‘symbolic links’ allows you to have an infinite number of shortcuts in folders to a single occurrence of a document in the ECM. For the sake of easy access, documents within the ECM can be bookmarked as favorites in the browser. Also, a ‘breadcrumbs’ style navigational trail is maintained as you view folders or documents in the tree so users can easily navigate through sequences of documents.

Duncan Kenzie, President of BCD’s development organization, says “Clients are always asked to do more work with the same resources and Nexus dramatically streamlines information organization and access for people at all levels of an organization. Nexus offers a centralized and structured place for people to organize and access business and workflow applications, and access information relevant to the operation of the enterprise. And since it’s browser based, your desktop is wherever you have an internet connection.

To download the Nexus visit For an evaluation copy on CD call BCD at (630) 986 0800, or email BCD at

About Nexus

Nexus is a multi-faceted product that includes Portals, Enterprise Content Management and Executive Dashboards that provides a single user experience in a secure and structured framework. This interface consists of portlets inside a main navigational layout. Portlets can be enterprise web applications built with BCD’s WebSmart, or other web development tools, or they can be windows to external applications such as RSS news feeds, shipment tracking and more.

Users receive several free portlets with Nexus, including interactive Outlook-like calendars for workflow management, to-do list portlets, and links portlets to manage favorite links to applications or external sites. Other portlets facilitate real-time send and receive messaging capabilities, iSeries messaging, secure point and click access to iSeries spool files, 5250 green screen emulation and more.

Nexus uses unique technology that embeds directly into the Apache Web Server to eliminate unauthorized attempts to access secured content or applications. By imposing security at the web server level, Nexus ensures that attempts to go to unauthorized URLs to view content or run applications are trapped before getting to the Nexus application software layer.

About BCD

BCD has sold over 30,000 copies of its software products to 10,000+ organizations. BCD is a Member of IBM’s iSeries Developers Roadmap, Member of IBM’s iSeries ISV Advisory Council, IBM Advanced Business Partner, and IBM Tools Partner. All of BCD’s key products are IBM ServerProven and several are also designated IBM ValueAdd for eCommerce. BCD’s IBM Midrange software development experience spans 30 years.