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WebSmart ILE version 6.5 beta Features Advanced Visual HTML Editor, FTP Site Access and more.

All System i developers can now build dynamic web pages faster and easier without having to program a single line of HTML.

For Immediate Release

Chicago, IL, July 25, 2007: Business Computer Design Int'l. Inc. (BCD) ( ) a leading provider of integrated software solutions focused on Web and IBM System i Application Development, Portal, Query and automated Document Management technology, today announced a new version of its flag-ship Web application development solution - WebSmart ILE. WebSmart ILE and recently announced multi-platform WebSmart PHP are tools that share the same powerful IDE. 1,700+ System i organizations already rely on BCD's multi-award winning web application development technology. Highlights of the new WebSmart ILE v6.5 beta include a new advanced visual HTML editor, a built-in FTP client for managing WebSmart files and other web development files such as HTML, CSS or JavaScript, and the ability to open multiple files in one IDE window using tabs and more.

Visual HTML Editor

This new visual HTML editor now allows developers with little web application development experience to create professional looking web pages with new ease, and significantly accelerates web page design even for those with extensive skills. With WebSmart's powerful new Visual HTML editor, what you see is what you get. Rather than having to write HTML markup by hand, WebSmart's WYSIWYG design panels let you drag-and-drop images, fields, and text quickly and easily. The editor is "database-aware", allowing you to drag-and-drop database fields directly onto the visual view. WebSmart's Visual HTML editor also offers a preview feature so you can see what your page will look like while you're working on it. An HTML source tag editor allows you to switch between the HTML source code view and the visual design panel so you can see what's going on at the code level. You can make changes in either mode. Each change is instantly reflected in both panels further simplifying the entire development process.

FTP Site Access

The WebSmart ILE v6.5 IDE also includes an FTP client interface for accessing external files useful in the web application development process. You can define and access any number of FTP sites that reside on any server- local or remote. One of the most important advantages of this new feature is that programs developed in either WebSmart ILE or WebSmart PHP can access any text files such as WebSmart code, HTML, CSS and JavaScript files, giving you single-point control over multiple development environments. Since FTP is a standard web protocol you can use the WebSmart IDE to connect to any server without the need for additional middleware.

WebSmart FTP Site Tabs

Figure 1: FTP sites tabs in WebSmart v6.5 IDE

Open Multiple Definitions and Files in the IDE

In the world of web application development, developers often find themselves working on different files at the same time and toggling between them all can be quite cumbersome. WebSmart ILE v6.5 now allows you to open multiple program definitions, CSS files, JavaScript files, HTML files, and others all in one single IDE session. To keep developers better organized, tabs for each one of these files now appear in a row across the top of WebSmart's IDE.

Additional features found in WebSmart ILE 6.5

Version 6.5 also adds support for editing JavaScript files in the IDE, along with complete color-coding and code indention support, improved 'undo' functionality, and faster generation times. Improvements have also been made to all of WebSmart's numerous templates. The new web application server also has much improved internationalization support for multi-language applications, including support for Unicode data delivery.

Already Well Received By Developers

Although this latest version of WebSmart has just now been officially released for beta testing, it has already received lots of positive reviews from existing WebSmart users. "All of the developers who participated in the WebSmart v6.5 Alpha, and now v6.5 Beta testing over the past couple of months have commented on how impressed they've been with the new visual HTML editor and FTP functionality, and how much faster and easier it now is to build web applications using this advanced version of WebSmart. We're obviously very pleased with these developers comments and believe this advances BCD's mission of simplifying web application development for all System i application developers, including those with lots of development experience and those who are just beginning." comments Eric Figura, BCD Director of Sales and Marketing. WebSmart has recently garnered the attention of high-level executives at IBM and Zend for its ease-of-use and strong value proposition for web application development on the System i. WebSmart performs optimally on System i computers of all sizes.

Master Web App Development and Cut Costs - Start Writing Web Apps Today

To obtain a fully working copy of the WebSmart ILE Beta 6.5, please visit For questions on WebSmart ILE, WebSmart PHP, or BCD's complete integrated System i modernization suite call BCD at (630) 986-0800, or forward your request via e-mail to A product specialist can also help schedule a Live Web Demo at your convenience. The WebSmart ILE Interactive Development Environment (IDE) for unlimited developers ranges from $5,800 to $11,500. Organizations looking to modernize their applications and business processes with a complete integrated modernization solution will be interested in BCD's modernization suite which includes WebSmart (ILE and PHP), Nexus Portal, Clover Query, Catapult and SmartCharts. BCD's Nexus Portal is also available license free (with annual maintenance), with WebSmart ILE, WebSmart PHP, or both. Nexus offers added tight security for controlled and secured access to applications and documents, application frameworks, web menus, executive dashboards, enterprise content management (ECM), calendars, System i spool file access, and many other user tools. Clover Query offers real-time query and report creation with drill-downs and Excel extraction. Catapult offers automated report and document distribution and auto-filing and auto-indexing to the Nexus Portal ECM. SmartCharts is included for free, with WebSmart, Nexus Portal and/or Clover Query and it includes over 150 animated flash charts, graphs and KPIs.

About BCD

BCD has received 35+ industry awards for its software products and has 30 years of experience in the IBM midrange marketplace. Over 30,000 copies of its software products have been sold to 10,000+ organizations. WebSmart, Clover, Nexus, and Catapult are listed on IBM’s iSeries Developers Roadmap. BCD is a member of IBM’s System I ISV Advisory Council and is an IBM Advanced Business Partner. All of BCD’s key products are IBM ServerProven and several are IBM ValueAdd for eCommerce.