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WebSmart ILE Supercharged with Multi-Platform Data Access, Visual HTML Editor, Intelliprompting, & More

New enhancements make WebSmart ILE the most complete web application development tool available for the System i.

For Immediate Release

Chicago, IL, November 6, 2007: Today, trusted System i application development tool provider Business Computer Design, Int’l. Inc. ( revealed details on a very significant new version release of WebSmart ILE v6.6 that far surpasses anything previously offered to aid System i shops in web application development.

Cross-Platform Data Access

In WebSmart ILE version 6.6, released today, new built in templates have been included that allow users to create programs that connect to either Microsoft SQL server databases or to MySQL databases that reside on Windows, Linux or Unix platforms, as well as DB2. This new feature is regarded as WebSmart’s most significant because it gives the multi-award-winning solution cross-platform database capabilities that streamline multi-platform data access.

Another one of the new templates lets you define the JDBC database connection parameters – IP address, user profile, password, etc., so this information can be encapsulated in one program and called by many. This enables you to easily change the connection at any time for an entire suite of programs by simply changing one program.

Visual HTML Editor

WebSmart ILE now lets you create powerful, custom web applications using a new visual HTML editor with drag-and-drop design aids. The WYSIWYG HTML editor in WebSmart ILE v 6.6 allows developers with little web application development experience to create business-class web applications with stunning ease, and significantly accelerates web page design for those with extensive skills.

WebSmart ILE’s new visual HTML editor offers:

  • Drag-and-drop control of images, fields, and text
  • WYSIWYG instant feedback
  • The editor is "database-aware," allowing you to drag-and-drop database fields directly onto the visual view
  • Button to toggle between the HTML source code view and the visual design panel
  • Program changes are instantly reflected in editor panels, further simplifying the entire development process
  • Generated HTML conforms to latest standards, is lightweight and uses CSS for presentation.


A new timesaving feature called Intelliprompting offers real-time prompting for PML names as you work in the code editor. PML is WebSmart’s optimized programming language. For example, if you type the letter ‘g’, all functions starting with that letter appear, along with a descriptive line for each function, showing any parameter types and return values. As you continue typing, the list is further subsetted. For example, typing ‘get’ shows a list of all functions starting with ‘get’, such as ‘getparm,’ ‘getrcd,’ etc.

New Templates for creating HTML, JavaScript and CSS files

New templates, available in all template families make it easy to create straight HTML web pages, JavaScript files, and CSS (cascading style sheets). These new templates build upon the powerful editing functionality of WebSmart’s IDE and make it a viable alternative to web development tools for Windows environments.

Other new features include:

  • Field Renaming
  • Open Multiple Definitions and Files in the IDE
  • Ability to 'launch' HTML files
  • Improved structure and simplification of ILE templates
  • Support for the += operator for both alpha and numeric values
  • Improved 'Program Attributes' screen design which is sensitive to CSS use

According to Duncan Kenzie, a noted System i application development tool expert, and BCD’s CTO “Visual web application development tools offer the best chances for the successful deployment of web-based applications. The visual editing features now incorporated in WebSmart ILE produce clean, lightweight HTML that conforms to the latest standards. System i technicians can focus their skills on business logic rather than design to achieve the best productivity on every single development effort.”

Since its initial release years ago, WebSmart ILE has had a major impact on traditional RPG shops, and the System i market in general. In part, WebSmart ILE has been a big success because other products often have either very large footprints that require significant system resources and/or are incredibly complex for RPG developers to understand. WebSmart changes all that. BCD is very proud to have WebSmart win the most industry awards for software excellence than any other tool in the System i marketplace -- that number totals 13 today.

Recently BCD announced a new edition of WebSmart called WebSmart PHP for System i shops that want to develop in multi-platform, non-proprietary 100% PHP code with the same ease. Interestingly, WebSmart ILE and WebSmart PHP share the same IDE, so even though the PHP edition is relatively new, it is as stable as its close cousin, WebSmart ILE. Users may choose to develop in the WebSmart ILE edition, WebSmart PHP edition or both.


To obtain a fully working copy of the WebSmart ILE 6.6, please visit For questions on WebSmart ILE, WebSmart PHP, or BCD’s complete integrated System i modernization suite call BCD at (630) 986-0800, or forward your request via e-mail to A product specialist can answer any questions and schedule a Live Web Demo at your convenience.

Organizations looking to modernize their applications and business processes with a complete integrated modernization solution will be interested in BCD’s modernization suite which includes WebSmart (ILE and/or PHP), Nexus Portal, Clover Query (shares the same IDE as WebSmart), Catapult and SmartCharts. SmartCharts is included with either edition of WebSmart license free and maintenance free.

Since its introduction WebSmart has become a key development tool for thousands of organizations who rely on the System i including Starbucks, Universal Music Int’l, Formica, Mitsubishi Fuso, Konica Minolta, Canadian Kawasaki, CompUSA and more.

About BCD

BCD has received 35+ industry awards, including 13 for WebSmart, for software excellence. They have 30 years of experience in the IBM midrange marketplace. Over 30,000 copies of its software products have been licensed worldwide by over 10,000 organizations. BCD is a member of IBM’s System i ISV Advisory Council and is an IBM Advanced Business Partner. All of BCD’s key solutions are included on IBM’s System i Developer Roadmap and are IBM Server Proven.