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Aldon & BCD partner to bring powerful aim to web app development for the IBM i

Combined Solution Offers Process Automation; Enables Faster,
More Efficient Development

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COMMON Annual Meeting and Expo, Reno, NV – April 27, 2009 – Aldon, the ALM company for IT compliance, and BCD, a market leader in IBM i and multi-platform application modernization solutions, today announced a strategic technology partnership aimed at bringing new levels of process automation and efficiency to web application development and modernization for the IBM i platform covering PHP and RPG-CGI centric projects.

The partnership marks the integration of Aldon’s process-driven change management solution, Aldon Lifecycle Manager™, with BCD’s fast-paced, intuitive tools for IBM i and multi-platform web development, WebSmart® ILE and WebSmart PHP. The combined solution provides users with a host of new benefits when building web applications or modernizing legacy ones, including automated processes and deployment, inventory management, project and compliance reporting, and new levels of visibility into what team members are working on, where code lives, and project status. IT managers will gain a crystal- clear view of all IT assets and projects at any given time and ensure compliance standards are met, while developers are free to focus on application innovation rather than administrative tasks. Managers of web application development and modernization projects should realize an immediate return from these improvements to their process.

Today, more and more IBM i shops are ensconced in web-centric development or modernization to stay in line with the modern business’ needs. As these efforts grow, a comprehensive application lifecycle management solution becomes imperative. IT shops will need defined process, structure and automation to support rapid business change, stay agile, address compliance, and keep projects on track.

“As we watch the open source, multi-platform, and IBM i worlds merge, it’s important to make sure process doesn’t fall by the wayside,” said Matt Scholl, CEO and president, Aldon. “The joint Aldon and BCD solution ensures that process is flowing across every facet of development. Both the business and IT sides of the house will benefit. We’re excited to work with BCD and look forward to a long-term partnership.”

The Joint Solution

The BCD WebSmart ILE product helps developers produce native IBM i-centric RPG CGI web applications that access DB2, MS SQL and MySql databases. WebSmart PHP helps developers produce PHP applications that run on multiple platforms- IBM i, Windows, Linux or Unix - and access databases such as DB2, MySQL and others. Both editions provide developers with the necessary tools to quickly extend or develop new web applications for any application from on-line ordering, inquiries and maintenance programs, to browser-based or SOA (web services) applications. Aldon Lifecycle Manager works behind the scenes, enforcing processes at each and every stage of that application development, putting teams on to the same system regardless of platform, language or development environment. The following is a list of benefits that users can expect with the joint solution:

  • Advanced Software Configuration Management (SCM) concepts such as concurrent development, multiple release management, emergency changes, conflict management and source comparison.
  • Advanced Deployment Management concepts such as scheduled deployments for after-hours, easy multi-platform and secure deployments, simple management of all deployments via a GUI console, and roll-back capabilities.
  • Audit compliance aids such as automatic historical tracking of all changes and deployments, advanced reporting, finely tuned security via role-based profiles, and separation of duties.
  • Centralized management of all software assets from all platforms to increase vision and team-work and easily comply with best-practice standards for centralized control and tracking.
  • Cross-referencing to tie database changes in other applications to WebSmart ILE programs that reference those files, thus preventing unexpected downtime of critical web applications.

The PHP Factor

There is a rapidly growing list of companies who have turned to PHP to modernize their applications and create web-based interfaces to RPG programs and DB2 database files. BCD’s WebSmart PHP tool helps developers who write programs for the IBM i to quickly construct PHP programs and applications. These programs are 100% native PHP, allowing a single development effort to create IBM i and multi-platform applications that also run on Linux, UNIX, and Windows servers. Aldon’s integrated inventory management will play a key role in delivering efficiency to this process, ensuring that all facets of an enterprise-crossing PHP application are fully tracked.

“BCD is thrilled to work with Aldon and have this technology integration between our leading products. We share the same commitment in developing solutions the IBM i marketplace needs, from addressing PHP and ILE web application development to SOA and compliance ,” said Eric Figura, Director Sales and Marketing, BCD.  “ As a standalone solution, WebSmart allows IT staffs to rapidly develop IBM i and multi-platform web applications faster and easier using templates and other advancements, however when you add Aldon to the mix, the impact is even more impressive. Together we can now help IBM i IT departments better address today’s business needs and be an even greater asset to their organization.”

You can learn more about these solutions by visiting Aldon (Booth #319) and BCD (Booth #200) at the COMMON 2009 Annual Meeting and Expo in Reno, Nevada from April 26 through April 28, 2009. You can also visit and for more information about the solutions.

About Aldon

Aldon is the ALM company for IT compliance. For over 25 years, we have been the experts in providing application lifecycle management solutions to ensure that change management, collaboration, and compliance are applied consistently across all areas of IT. Through our user-centric approach to process management, our service, change, and release management products help you focus on what you do best—providing superior services, rapidly developing applications, and efficiently managing your IT operations. Behind the scenes, we help you increase productivity, accelerate time-to-market, fully understand your IT assets, and easily achieve compliance with regulatory standards. A true testament to our products is our customer base with over 1,300 companies worldwide in over 70 of the Fortune 100. These companies rely upon our solutions to manage their global IT business and operations processes including application development, network operations, and services management. We are headquartered in Emeryville, California and have offices around the world serving more than 60 countries.

About BCD

BCD is one of the most successful application modernization software vendors in the IBM i space having received over 35 industry awards for software excellence. They have over 30 years of experience in the IBM midrange marketplace. Over 30,000 copies of its software products have been licensed worldwide by over 10,000 organizations. BCD is a member of IBM’s IBM i ISV Advisory Council and an IBM Advanced Business Partner.