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Google search capabilities among many improvements in BCD's Nexus Portal V.3.6

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CHICAGO, May 4th, 2010 – In a recent Webinar, leading IBM i modernization vendor Business Computer Design Int’l Inc. ( introduced several new features in its latest version of Nexus Portal. Version 3.6 of Nexus offers a Google Search Appliance portlet that lets users apply the flexibility and power of Google searching and indexing to their own content, full support for Firefox users and a major revision to the code that improved page load times by up to 40%.

Nexus Portal provides fast, secure, and controlled access to web applications, documents, dashboards, menus and user tools through a web browser. An unlimited number of portals can be created with a single license of Nexus for employees, trading partners and clients. Nexus Portal licenses are free with paid maintenance. It runs on IBM i for maximum reliability and security.

The Power of Google Search for your Documents

There is a significant improvement in search capabilities in Nexus with the addition of a Google Search Appliance portlet. The portlet provides users with search capabilities to any network drives and web pages they index with a Google Search Appliance or a Google Mini. This is in addition to the documents in the Nexus Enterprise Content Management system. On top of document access from one location and universal search, there is also full text indexing and searching, and search result text previews. The Google Search Appliance and Mini essentially deliver the same great performance for intranet searches as the Google search engine does for the web. The Google Mini starts at $2,990 and supports 50,000 documents and the top level Google Search Appliance meant for larger businesses can handle millions of documents.

No Need to Worry about IFS Storage Space and Costs

For users who worry about IFS storage space and costs, and who opt not to use a Google Mini, the new Nexus QNTC feature will be of interest. It is now possible to use a QNTC mapped drive as the storage location for your documents loaded or created in the Nexus ECM. While this will be slower than a regular IFS path, it will mean you can make use of much larger and less expensive drives. Due to the sheer volume of documents that organizations store and access today, and the fact that PC storage is generally less expensive than the disk packs offered for IBM Power System servers, this will be an attractive option.

Firefox Support

Users in growing numbers are accessing the web through Mozilla Firefox with most browser statistics reports claiming between 25-31% of people use Firefox. While previous versions of Nexus supported Internet Explorer and had partial support for Firefox, version.3.6 of Nexus now offers full support for Firefox for both users and administrators to accommodate the varied needs and preferences of BCD’s broad user base.

40% Faster Page Load Times

As for performance enhancements in Nexus, “Pages viewed in version 3.6 load on average 40% faster than in previous versions,” says Marcel Sarrasin, BCD's Technical Sales Manager. “Improved page load speeds were achieved though a major restructuring of the internal code. Lots of HTML and JavaScript was changed and frames were eliminated. The main Nexus page used to be generated by two programs. Version 3.6 uses a single program to do this.” Sarrasin adds, “Developers also changed how document authority is handled, and they merged CSS files together. All these things reduce overhead.”

Other Features include improved Menus and Drag and Drop Page Design

Another result of the restructured code is improved presentation of menus. Menu drop down items are now easier to select because of a delay before they disappear when the mouse moves away from them. This can reduce some frustration as end users don’t have to be as accurate with their mouse. Repositioning portlets on pages has also become easier for users with improvements to the drag and drop page design functionality.

Other features of note are:

  • Password email reminders customization with a feature rich text editor
  • The ability to redirect users to a different page when they log out
  • Improvements to the automatic ECM viewer sizing
  • Ability to install to or upgrade to non-default libraries
  • Security improvements for running multiple Nexus libraries on the same domain.
  • Option to set the header to scroll with the rest of page to provide a larger document viewing area within your browser.

Availability and Licensing

Nexus Portal V.3.6 is now available. A free 30 day evaluation copy can be downloaded at For more information, please call BCD at (630) 986-0800, or forward your request via e-mail to A product specialist will answer your questions or schedule a demonstration of Nexus.

T he complete Nexus Portal is offered at no charge. This license includes the ECM, SmartCharts, and all other BCD Nexus components, and is for unlimited users. The licensee agrees to pay an annual maintenance fee starting at the time Nexus is initially licensed. Nexus runs on existing IBM i components and does not require additional middleware.

About BCD

BCD has garnered close to 40 industry recognition awards. They have 30+ years experience in the IBM midrange marketplace. Over 30,000 copies of its software products have been licensed worldwide by more than 10,000 organizations. BCD is a member of IBM’s System i ISV Advisory Council and is an IBM Advanced Business Partner.

About Nexus Portal

As an IBM i-hosted Web Portal solution, Nexus Portal facilitates fast, secure, and organized access to Enterprise information through web browsers. Nexus Portal assembles applications and documents, organizes content, and consolidates security and user information. It helps you fully support your organization’s web implementation and furnishes the framework to administer the portal.

An important component of Nexus is the ECM (Enterprise Content Manager). The ECM is a secured IBM i-centric repository for uploading, searching, managing, and storing documents within your Nexus portal and includes search and indexing capabilities. Documents of all types are supported, including PDF, Graphics, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

About the Google Mini and Google Search Appliance

The Google Mini is a slimmed down version of the Google Search Appliance and is designed to help small and medium-sized businesses perform searches on their intranet, perform searches within documents, and query websites. More information on Google Mini can be found at