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WebSmart PHP 4.4 Offers Debugger and Standalone PC Edition

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For Immediate Release

Chicago, IL – May 7, 2012 – Business Computer Design, Int’l Inc, (, the IBM i industry's most recognized application modernization solution vendor, has just unveiled a new release of WebSmart PHP. WebSmart is a proven rapid multi-platform web development tool for IBM i and other programmers to create PHP web applications.

WebSmart PHP 4.4 offers an interactive debugger, a new licensing option for organizations that don't have an IBM i, improved validation of any PHP file and an enhancement to SmartCharts for non-Flash devices like iPads.

Interactive Debugger

Programmers will find troubleshooting their PHP programs much easier with the addition of an interactive debugger right in the WebSmart IDE. It's easy to add breakpoints, step through programs, and investigate and change variables on the fly while in debug mode. These debug features reduce the time spent testing and scouring code to find problems.

Edit any PHP File

The syntax validator has been upgraded to allow you to validate any PHP file, including your existing PHP files and those from open source solutions. It's always been possible for you to edit any PHP file with WebSmart, however the validator's many improvements give you all the syntax-checking features that have been available when editing WebSmart phw files.

Standalone PC Edition

WebSmart PHP 4.4 has its own set of standalone PC license keys which means you can now develop PHP applications without an IBM i. In the past, an IBM i wasn't necessary to run WebSmart PHP programs - they are open source and can run on multiple platforms - however, you did need one to authenticate the license key for developing PHP applications with the WebSmart IDE.

Eric Figura, BCD's director of Marketing and Sales, is very excited about the new features in WebSmart PHP, "The ability to edit any PHP file makes WebSmart PHP a better general-purpose PHP editor and extends its capabilities beyond just creating new PHP programs. Offering standalone PC license keys has opened up a new market segment for us as well, with initial interest coming from ISVs in the IBM i market."

Non-Flash Charts

SmartCharts, a set of charts included with WebSmart at no cost, has also been updated in WebSmart PHP 4.4. Versions of the graphs for non-Flash devices such as iPads are now included. You can design and integrate real-time animated two and three-dimensional bar charts, pie charts, executive dashboards and more on the fly and display them in iPads and other devices that do not support Flash. You can also continue to use the Flash versions for devices that support Flash. As the workforce becomes more mobile, and devices like the iPad further pervade the marketplace, this is a must-have capability.

New PHP Functions

WebSmart PHP includes new functions that make it easier to retrieve Nexus user info. Nexus, BCD's web portal, provides a secure single point of access to your enterprise information including your WebSmart and other web applications, web pages, documents, dashboards and productivity tools. You can use information such as the Nexus user ID to further secure your PHP applications or condition data based on users.

The new xl_get_parameter() function retrieves query string parameters in one function instead of needing a separate line for each individual parameter. This makes your code cleaner and faster to write.

Enhanced Security and Other New Features

The Program Templates have been updated with Cross-site Scripting protection code. This helps prevent malicious users from injecting client-side script that could adversely affect your applications.

Other new features include an improved IDE user interface that gives WebSmart a more modern look and improved file browsing capabilities that allow you to manage FTP connections and IFS files (e.g. CSS, JavaScript, etc.) from one location.


About WebSmart PHP

WebSmart PHP is the fastest way for IBM i and PHP programmers to develop new PHP web applications. Even if you have no web development experience, on day one you'll create database driven web applications that you'll want to show your boss. WebSmart Program Templates help you create web applications in minutes. They also shorten the web development learning curve by generating the starting HTML and PHP for you. You can customize the applications in the WebSmart IDE to create powerful web applications for any business need, including mobile web applications and Web services.

About BCD

BCD is one of the most successful software organizations in the IBM i marketplace. BCD has received 40 industry awards for software excellence. They have over 30 years of experience in the IBM midrange space and have successfully helped thousands of organizations worldwide modernize using BCD software solutions. BCD is a member of IBM's IBM i ISV Advisory Board and an IBM Advanced Business Partner.