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ARCAD Software and BCD Announce Strategic Technology Partnership in Enterprise Modernization

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Peterborough, NH - September 30, 2013 - ARCAD Software, a leading vendor in software solutions for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) on IBM Power, and Business Computer Design (BCD), a market leader in IBM i and multi-platform application modernization solutions, announced today a strategic technology partnership aimed at extending automation in the modernization process. This partnership will give IBM i shops an enterprise-level capability for accelerated and continuous delivery of high quality web applications to their customers and users.

The latest Version 9.3 of the ARCAD-Skipper solution for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) integrates support for BCD's rapid IBM i and multi-platform web development solutions, WebSmart ILE and PHP. Both WebSmart editions help IBM i and other programmers develop new desktop and mobile web applications while leveraging their RPG skills and minimizing the web development learning curve through the use of templates and wizards. The ILE edition generates IBM i-centric RPG web applications whereas the PHP edition produces customizable open-source PHP web applications that run on IBM i, Windows, Linux or Unix. The web applications can access databases such as DB2/400, MySQL, MS SQL and Oracle.

"Both BCD and ARCAD Software are highly experienced players in modernization on IBM i who have designed solutions specifically with programmers in mind," says Philippe Magne, CEO and president of ARCAD Software. "The integration of ARCAD-Skipper ALM and WebSmart is a non-intrusive solution that automates the entire change process and web development lifecycle, from request tracking through change control up to synchronous deployment to test and production environments. WebSmart developers can retain their familiar IDE while ARCAD-Skipper manages changes behind the scenes, keeping an audit trail throughout the process." Indeed, with ARCAD, developers can benefit from the best of both worlds with access to the features of both WebSmart IDE and Rational Developer for i (RDi).

According to Marcel Sarrasin, one of BCD's Product Managers, "We chose ARCAD Software as a technology partner because of their commitment to unified ALM support across open and multi-platform systems, which fits well with WebSmart, and their long-proven application analysis technology that’s unrivalled in the IBM i market."

"WebSmart is about making programmers more productive," says Sarrasin. "The integration with ARCAD-Skipper is set to bring automation and even more productivity gains to our WebSmart customers on multiple levels." First, ARCAD offers detailed impact analysis between heterogeneous languages such as RPG, PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript, helping developers scope their work and ensuring the accuracy of updates. Second, the dependency knowledge stored in the ARCAD repository enables complete recompilation (build) of application artifacts in a single pass, which shortens time to delivery. Finally, ARCAD technology synchronizes application deployment to multiple platforms - IBM i, UNIX, Linux and Windows - in a single, automated process, with traceability and rollback on error. These three features help control IT costs and secure the continuous reliability of applications in production.

"Automatic recompilation of dependent components is especially valuable in the case of database upgrades," states Magne. "Changes in database structure are a tough challenge in most modernization projects, and ARCAD simplifies the whole process, while ensuring the integrity of the delivered application."

At a management level, the increased automation from integrated WebSmart and ARCAD solutions can significantly reduce development costs and shorten delivery cycles. IT managers also gain a clear view of project advancement and cross-platform traceability for compliance reporting.

"ARCAD guarantees a common, coherent solution for managing hybrid applications along the path to modernization," concludes Magne. "Our solutions manage the full lifecycle of mixed WebSmart sources, their generated code, together with existing legacy components, all in one single, secured process."

"We are excited to release this technology integration with BCD and advance our mission of accessible and enterprise-wide modernization for the IBM i platform."

About ARCAD Software

ARCAD Software is leading vendor in software solutions for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) for IBM Power Systems running IBM i operating software. An advanced technology and business partner with IBM Rational, the company operates internationally with offices in Europe, USA and Asia supporting 1000+ installations worldwide. Since its inception in 1992, ARCAD Software has built on its methodology know-how and specialist expertise on IBM i to develop a multi-platform ALM suite, integrated with Rational software and positioned as the new standard on IBM i. A steadfast champion for modernization on the platform, ARCAD is twice winner of the enterprise modernization award at IBM Innovate 2012 and 2013, and the flagship offering – the ARCAD Pack for Rational – is now distributed and supported by IBM worldwide.

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About BCD

BCD is one of the most successful software organizations in the IBM i marketplace. They have over 30 years of experience and have successfully helped thousands of organizations worldwide modernize using BCD software solutions. BCD has received 40 industry awards for software excellence, and like ARCAD Software, is a member of IBM's IBM i ISV Advisory Board and an IBM Advanced Business Partner.

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