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WebSmart 9.5 Introduces Object-Oriented PHP Grid Template and New Template Themes

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Chicago, IL - April 8, 2013 - BCD Int'l., Inc., (, an IBM i industry leader for over 30 years, has announced WebSmart ILE - PHP - Mobile version 9.5, the latest in a series of releases aimed at reducing the web development learning curve while providing tools for RPG and other programmers to develop enterprise desktop and mobile web apps. Highlights of this release include two object-oriented PHP templates, new template themes and IDE enhancements like a debug watch window and automatic HTML tag completion.

Object-Oriented PHP Templates

An application developed with WebSmart PHP's new object-oriented PHP grid template.

An application developed with WebSmart PHP's new object-oriented PHP grid template. (Click image to enlarge).

WebSmart 9.5 is the first WebSmart release that includes object-oriented (OO) PHP templates. An OO code structure is more commonly used than procedural PHP in professional PHP applications and makes your code easier to test, maintain, and reuse. "We're seeing PHP's level of sophistication in the IBM i community increase and our new OO templates reflect that growth," says Eric Figura, BCD's Director of Sales and Marketing.

WebSmart PHP's new OO grid template provides a feature-rich environment to display tabular data. It includes resizable columns, easy paging and sorting, and uses AJAX and JSON to process and display data faster. It also uses the jQuery Grid object, which provides many styling options and features. WebSmart PHP's second new template, Simple Page, also uses OO PHP and is intended for very basic applications.

These OO PHP templates provide an opportunity for programmers who are interested in OO programming to introduce themselves to this approach. Programmers who are new to PHP can still use WebSmart PHP's procedural PHP templates and move on to OO when they feel they are ready.

New Template Themes

WebSmart's four new template 

WebSmart's four new template themes. (Click image to enlarge).

BCD has completely re-imagined WebSmart's program templates with four new HTML5-ready template themes that have more modern looks and updated CSS and HTML. "Looks matter to end users and management. WebSmart's new template themes allow you to start out with a web app that looks as modern and professional as it functions," says Figura.

The new template themes use jQuery UI so it's easier to create your own themes using ThemeRoller, a jQuery widget (buttons, calendars, tabs) CSS generator. With ThemeRoller, you can select pre-determined color combinations or create your own without writing CSS.

IDE and Other Enhancements

Debug Watch Window

Debugging is more convenient with WebSmart's new debug watch window. Add variables to the watch window, monitor them and change them on the fly while your program executes.

Automatic HTML Tag Completion

When you open an HTML tag, WebSmart will now automatically insert the closing tag for you, making it more efficient to code HTML in the IDE.

Other Features Include:

  • WebSmart supports Windows 8.
  • A new getseg function makes it easier to construct emails and other documents with variable data.
  • Improved support for PHP definitions in WebSmart Change Management.
  • Developers can now change the IDE code editor's colors with new color themes.
  • A dockable status window for reporting non-critical generation warnings.
  • A new JDBC template, along with a sample JDBC connection template source member, that simplifies the process of creating a program for establishing a JDBC connection to MySQL and MS SQL databases.

About WebSmart ILE - PHP - Mobile

WebSmart is a leading rapid IBM i and multi-platform PC and mobile web application development tool. WebSmart's templates generate the initial UI (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and server-side code (RPG or PHP) code so you begin with a fully-functioning web application. You can then create any type of web application for your business needs in the WebSmart IDE.

You can download a free trial of WebSmart 9.5 and request the WebSmart Mobile beta from

About BCD

BCD is one of the most successful software organizations in the IBM i marketplace. They have over 30 years of experience and have successfully helped thousands of organizations worldwide modernize using BCD software solutions. BCD has received 40 industry awards for software excellence, is a member of IBM's IBM i ISV Advisory Board and an IBM Advanced Business Partner.

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