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WebSmart 10.8 Includes Inline RPG Editing, HTML5 Charts and the Latest Version of jQuery

New features give programmers more flexibility to create modern web applications.

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Chicago, IL – April 27, 2015 – BCD Software LLC, a Quadrant Software company and an IBM i industry leader for almost 40 years, has announced the release of WebSmart 10.8, their rapid RPG or PHP desktop and mobile web application development solution. Highlights of this release include inline RPG editing, new WebSmart ILE functions, HTML5 charts and the latest jQuery version.

"Our PHP edition has received a lot of attention lately but we're committed to the ILE edition as well, which is very popular," says Marcel Sarrasin, Quadrant's VP of Corporate Marketing. "This release includes several new ILE features that will give programmers more flexibility when developing web applications. Staying up-to-date with current technologies is also important so we updated WebSmart's charts and the jQuery version WebSmart uses."

Inline RPG Editing

You can now add inline free-format RPG code to WebSmart ILE definitions. This feature gives programmers even more opportunities to leverage their existing skillset. For example, a programmer can now reuse a piece of free-format RPG code they've already written by inserting it directly into the WebSmart code.

New PML Operators

WebSmart ILE's new PML operators (-=, /=, *= and **) provide expanded math capabilities to more efficiently manipulate expressions.

JSON Encoder/Decoder

JSON is a common data format that's often used with Web Services or API calls. WebSmart ILE includes a new suite of functions that encodes and decodes objects or sets of name value pairs into JSON format without requiring parsing. PHP already includes similar functionality, which can be used in the PHP edition of WebSmart.

HTML5 Charts

WebSmart charts now use HTML5/JavaScript exclusively instead of Flash. WebSmart previously used Flash charts as the default with JavaScript fallbacks for mobile devices. It also includes a new version of FusionCharts, version 3.5.1.

Updated jQuery in Templates

WebSmart's templates have been updated to the latest version of jQuery and jQuery UI. This version includes a new widget, selectmenu, and improved stability.

Replaced MySQL PHP Templates with PHP Data Objects Templates

WebSmart's PHP Data Objects templates provide a database abstraction layer that makes it easier to access MySQL and IBM i DB2 or to switch an application from one database to another. Programmers should consider using these templates if they want the flexibility to change databases or host their applications on another platform.

These templates use a more object-oriented approach than WebSmart's standard DB2 and MySQL templates. They also provide implicit protection against SQL injection.

About WebSmart

WebSmart is proven rapid IBM i and multi-platform desktop and mobile web application development tool that is used by hundreds of organizations. WebSmart's templates generate the initial UI (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and server-side (PHP or RPG) code so you begin with a fully-functioning desktop or mobile web application. You can then customize your web application for your business needs in the WebSmart IDE, which includes HTML tools, syntax checking, code completion and more.

You can download a free trial of WebSmart 10.8 from

About BCD and Quadrant Software

BCD is a Quadrant Software company and one of the most successful software organizations in the IBM i marketplace. BCD and Quadrant have a combined 60 years in the IBM i marketplace and have successfully helped thousands of organizations worldwide modernize.

Together, BCD and Quadrant help customers maximize their investment in IBM i with their web development, mobilization, spool file beautification and document distribution tools.