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Presto 7.3 includes Web and Mobile Enhancements

Fresche’s new Presto release enhances out-of-the-box functionality for modernized IBM i green screens and makes web and mobile development easier

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Montreal, Canada, May 15, 2018Fresche Solutions an IBM i industry leader for 40 years, has announced the upcoming release of Presto 7.3. New features include several developer enhancements such as dual maintenance, a redesigned settings interface and the ability to copy and paste transformations between screens.

Presto 7.3 closely follows Fresche’s recent Presto 7.1 release, which includes improved out-of-the-box usability, additional mobile display modes and enhanced RPG Open Access functionality. Presto is one of Fresche’s flagship modernization solutions and rapidly transforms IBM i green screens into modern web GUIs.

Presto 7.1 Features

Improved Out-Of-The-Box Usability

Presto 7.1 includes screen rendering updates that make modernized green screens even easier to navigate, which saves time and results in productivity gains for end users. These improvements make Presto’s out-of-the-box screens look and feel even more like the modern web applications they are.

Key enhancements include:

  • New icons that allow users to log off, access spool file data and see message notifications from any screen.
  • Primary function keys, such as Exit and Submit, are automatically styled as buttons and visible on every screen.
  • Scrolling subfiles are easier to navigate with convenient page up and down buttons.
  • New automatic date field detection adds a pop up calendar to date fields, making it easier for users to enter dates.

Responsive Mobile Enhancements

The enablement of responsive design for mobile devices was a significant part of the recent Presto 7.0 2/4 release. Presto 7.1 expands on the solution’s mobile capabilities by including additional display modes that enable programmers to test how their screens render on various devices.

Improved RPG Open Access Functionality
Presto 7.1 includes improved Open Access functionality with enhancements to the RPG Open Access Handler. DDS field attributes, such as colors, are automatically converted into CSS classes and rendered in modern screens.

Presto 7.3 Features

Dual Maintenance
As a developer, you no longer have to wonder what might happen to your Presto screens if you change your display file. You now have the ability to display only outdated screens in Presto’s IDE. The solution immediately detects underlying changes so you can easily list and apply any necessary changes to your screens.

Redesigned Settings Interface
Presto’s settings interface has been revamped to give developers a more intuitive experience and an improved visual representation of screen detection. You can now preview panel detection on various screens and adjust Presto’s auto detection settings as desired. Fresche has also enhanced Presto’s skin editor, which globally controls the look of your Presto screens. You can now easily choose from new preset colors and globally update button colours, function key colours, header colors and more.

Other New Features
You can now copy and paste selected transformations between Presto screens within Presto’s Designer. This new feature will save developers significant time when applying similar enhancements to multiple screens because they no longer have to visually place elements on each screen.

Key enhancements include:

  • New SQL preview feature enables you to test SQL queries, including parameters.
  • Additional global rules, including the ability to choose menu link format (e.g. link or button).
  • Improved JavaScript snippets includes more preset snippets and the ability to create and save your own snippets.
  • Users will now automatically see a warning if their Caps lock is on when they are on the login screen.

About Presto

Presto is the fastest way to give your existing green screens and new RPG programs a modern web GUI that's accessible from browsers on PCs and mobile devices. Whether you use the 5250 datastream or RPG Open Access (OA), Presto gives you the most flexibility to add new functionality.

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