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5 Ways to Improve IBM i Order Entry with Web Applications

You'll learn:

  • How delivering your order entry as web applications can give customers self-serve access to order and inventory information, improve your collection process and increase sales.
  • How the following can improve your order entry:
    • Implementing standing orders
    • Extending ERP order entry applications
    • Integrating with other platforms
    • Leveraging existing RPG and COBOL code
    • Incorporating mobile solutions

How Prototypes Help Web Development Projects Succeed

Prototyping a web application before you begin development goes a long way in helping your project succeed. Wireframes, which are interactive representations of web applications, allow you to share your vision and solicit feedback before you write a single line of code.

View this webinar to see:

  • What a wireframe is
  • How wireframes reduce risk and development time
  • A demo of how to build a wireframe