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View on demand webinars of our award winning IBM i solutions. BCD webinars are viewed on your computer, and are designed to provide in-depth information to help you become more familiar with BCD products and services. Webinars typically feature an educational session, detailed product information, product demonstrations, and a question and answer session. You can also register for upcoming webinars.

"Your webinars are always 95% content, some theory, some ideas, and very little hype - one of the things that makes you different that customers really appreciate."
Marjorie Crouse -- Seneca Sawmill

On-Demand BCD Product Webinars

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See the fastest way to develop PHP mobile and desktop applications

View this webinar to learn why BCD's WebSmart PHP is the fastest way for RPG programmers to develop desktop and mobile applications on IBM i.

You'll see a live demo of how to create a fully-functioning PHP application in minutes, as well as real-world examples of PHP applications on IBM i and how to quickly develop first-rate mobile applications.

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Modernize IBM i applications faster with Presto 6's new RPG OA features

You'll see how new Presto 6 makes it easier to provide a modern UI for your existing green screens and new RPG programs. We also highlight the key new features including improvements to the Presto OA rendering engine, which now displays the most useful out-of-the-box version of the screen.

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How to start modernizing your IBM i green screens with Presto

View this technical webinar to learn the fundamentals of BCD's Presto. You'll see a demo of giving all of your green screens a web GUI using the 5250 datastream and RPG OA. You'll also learn how to add new UI elements, such as images, tabs and datepickers, without HTML experience.

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New WebSmart ILE 10.8 includes inline RPG editing and more

View this webinar to see how new WebSmart ILE 10.8 gives programmers more flexibility to rapidly deliver first-rate desktop and mobile web applications. We highlight the key new features in the past few releases including coding inline RPG directly in the IDE and more.

This webinar is for people who have used WebSmart ILE or want to know about its new features.

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See how new Presto 6.1 makes modernization and mobilization easier

You'll learn how new Presto 6.1 makes it faster to modernize and mobilize your IBM i green screens. We'll highlight the key new features including a slide-out function key menu, HTML5 inputs and improvements to adding tabs and inline editing in the Visual Editor.

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Modern IBM i applications: See what's possible with BCD Professional Services

View this webinar to learn how you can deliver the strategic web applications your organization needs by partnering with BCD Professional Services. You'll also see real-world examples of our work.

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Making the business case for IBM i green screen modernization

View this webinar to learn why giving your green screens a web GUI maximizes your investment in IBM i. We discuss the top business reasons, supported by real-world examples, for IBM i green screen modernization.

You'll also see how BCD's Presto rapidly gives your green screens a web GUI while offering the most flexibility to add new functionality like images, drop downs and tabs.

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Jumpstart your IBM i desktop and mobile web application development with WebSmart

WebSmart helps you rapidly create new IBM i PC and mobile web applications and overcome web development obstacles. In this webinar, you'll see how WebSmart's templates jumpstart PHP or RPG web app development and features that reduce the time needed to create any type of web app. You'll also see a live demo of how to create IBM i mobile web apps with WebSmart Mobile.

WebSmart is the only rapid web application development tool that gives you the choice between two editions: open source and multi-platform PHP or IBM i-centric RPG ILE. Both editions also include WebSmart Mobile.

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Mobilizing your IBM i: Deliver first-rate mobile web applications quickly

Your RPG programmers can create first-rate mobile applications that leverage your proven code with BCD's Presto and WebSmart. View this webinar to see how you can web-enable and instantly mobile-optimize your green screens, and how to rapidly develop new RPG or PHP mobile web applications.

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See how a non-programmer gave his green screens a web GUI

View this webinar to see how Evange Destounis, TMISI's CEO and a non-programmer, used Presto to give the application a visually appealing web GUI and added more value to it with new functionality. You'll also see why Presto is the fastest way to give green screens and new RPG programs a modern web GUI and new functionality using a refacing or OA approach.

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Rapid mobile web development with WebSmart Mobile

View this webinar to see how WebSmart Mobile makes it faster and easier to develop RPG or multi-platform PHP mobile web apps that run on iOS, Android and other popular mobile platforms. WebSmart's templates give IBM i programmers the jumpstart they need and the IDE gives them the flexibility to create any type of mobile web app.

WebSmart Mobile is included in WebSmart ILE and PHP, BCD's rapid desktop and mobile web application development tools.

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How automating spool file distribution with Catapult reduces costs

How efficient are your IBM i report and document management processes? If you're still sending invoices, purchase orders and other IBM i documents by mail, you may be unnecessarily incurring costs, increasing delivery times and burdening your IT staff.

View this webinar to learn how BCD's Catapult can automatically and reliably put critical information in th hands of the people who need it in the format they want.

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IBM i web reports and queries made easy

Are you having trouble keeping up with user requests for reports? Do you need modern looking reports that are easier to access?

BCD's Clover Query helps you enhance decision making with real-time reports that show an accurate picture of your organization's performance in a browser.

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How to mine IBM i report data and extract it to Excel

Learn how EZ-Pickin's helps you save time, reduce printing costs and make better decisions by:

  • Converting IBM i spool files to Excel spreadsheets, PDF and other formats.
  • Extracting and mining data from virtually any type of report or database file.
  • Turning reports into live interactive views to analyze, summarize and graph data.
  • Emailing or archiving reports automatically or manually.
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How professional services help your IBM i web projects succeed

Desktop and mobile web applications can significantly improve your business processes but most IBM i shops struggle to find the time to tackle these projects. While it's important to use the right tools, it's also beneficial to partner with web development experts who can help you succeed.

In this webinar, you'll see real-world examples of how BCD rapidly develops strategic web applications for you or alongside your team, and offers custom desktop and mobile web applications (PHP or RPG), web GUIs for green screens, CMS and dashboards.

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Learn how an RPG pro gave new life to 1,000s of green screens using a web GUI

Most modernization projects involve hundreds or even thousands of screens. Do you have time to make even small changes to each screen to give them a web GUI? If you use Presto like Arkansas Data Services (ADS) does, you won't have to! In this recording, Richie Gadberry, ADS Programmer, will show you how he used Presto to breathe new life into a green screen app that was causing them to lose sales.

In the second portion of this session Marcel Sarrasin, BCD and Quadrant's VP of Corporate Marketing, will show you how Presto helped other organizations modernize their green screen applications and the different approaches they took.

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5 ways to efficiently use spreadsheets with IBM i data

Is your IT staff's time being wasted with never-ending requests to get IBM i data into or from spreadsheets? Do you use inefficient and error-prone processes such as re-keying or copying and pasting IBM i data into spreadsheets? View this webinar to learn more about five ways you can use BCD products to get IBM i data into or from spreadsheets more efficiently.

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Getting started with Clover Query for real-time web reports

This technical webinar gives a detailed look at the key features of Clover by showing you a demo of creating web reports, drill downs, graphs and dashboards. This webinar is useful for people who are new to Clover and for anyone considering a real-time IBM i query and reporting tool who wants a more in depth look at the product.

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Getting started with Nexus Portal for secure web access to enterprise information

New Nexus Portal users and people considering Nexus who want a technical overview benefit from this webinar that walks you through creating a portal with Nexus and reviews the key features and also shows you the key steps to succeeding with it.

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Getting started with Catapult for automated report and document distribution

This technical webinar gives a detailed look at the key features of Catapult by showing you a demo of distributing reports as PDF, splitting them and reviewing how to archive reports to the web and converting them to spreadhseets. This ondemand webinar is useful for people who are new to Catapult and for anyone considering automated report and document distribution who wants a more in depth look at the product.

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