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Register for a free upcoming BCD webinar of our award-winning IBM i solutions. BCD webinars are viewed on your computer, and are designed to provide in-depth information to help you become more familiar with BCD products and services. Webinars typically feature an educational session, detailed product information, product demonstrations, and a question and answer session. You can register for upcoming webinars below or view on demand webinars.

"Excellent presentation. A very professional straight forward presentation on how to get started. I am a very busy IT Manager and every minute was used to help me get started with Clover."
Rick Sekora - Information Systems Manager, Hornady Mfg

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Nov. 6

1:00 PM -
2:00 PM EST

Which PHP Coding Style Should IBM i Programmers Use?
Hosted by COMMON

PHP is a great choice for IBM i web application development because it's a powerful, open-source language and relatively easy for RPG programmers to learn. There are three PHP coding styles to consider: procedural, object-oriented (OO) and model-view-controller (MVC). Each style has different benefits and varying degrees of difficulty so it's important to choose the right approach when you get started.

Join Duncan Kenzie, Chief Knowledge Officer for BCD and Quadrant Software, for this webinar where he'll discuss:

  • The similarities and differences between each PHP coding style
  • When - and why - you should consider advancing to OO or MVC
  • The best approach for RPG programmers

In the second half of this presentation, Marcel Sarrasin, Director of Marketing for BCD and Quadrant Software, will show you how WebSmart's PHP templates speed up development for each coding approach.


Nov. 18th

1:00 PM -
2:00 PM EST

IBM i Application Modernization: Where Should You Start?
Hosted by IBM Systems Magazine

A well-thought-out IBM i application modernization project adds significant value to your organization, but figuring out where to start can be overwhelming. Making the right choices before you embark on your project will reduce the scope, timeline and cost.

You're invited to join this webinar, where Tim Rowe, IBM's Business Architect of Application Development, will discuss:

  • Why you need to modernize IBM i applications
  • IBM's commitment to the platform
  • Modernization priorities: database, user interface, code
  • The importance of using modern tools and methodologies

In the second half of the presentation, Marcel Sarrasin, Director of Marketing for BCD and Quadrant, will share successful real-world application modernization stories. You'll also see how BCD tools can help you deliver results quickly and achieve your modernization goals using web and mobile development approaches that range from RPG OA to PHP.