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The stages below highlight the development process of a typical project with BCD. You'll receive a project estimate that outlines these stages in greater detail. This refined process is the result of our experience in developing hundreds of business web applications since 2001.

Our goal is to create web applications that integrate with your existing systems and can be easily maintained by your staff. We use an agile development process because we believe that web development projects are the most successful when they are broken down into smaller, more manageable phases. This gives you the opportunity to collaborate with our team at every stage of your project.

In your initial consultation, we'll discuss your project ideas and review your requirements. We'll then help you select a project and collaborate with you on a high-level plan to meet your goals.

Defining the scope and expected results is necessary to a project's success. At this stage, we'll gather specifications, review the database design, application architecture and design assets. This help us determine which technologies are the best fit. If necessary, we'll also complete a proof of concept and/or business analysis.

Graphical site design (as required) and UI and UX application level design will happen at this point. We use HTML/CSS wireframes to rapidly prototype projects so you'll see how your site looks and functions before we start developing it. You'll have the opportunity to get your users involved and provide feedback before we begin coding, which will save development time.

Read our IBM Systems Magazine article to learn how wireframes help web development projects succeed.

A project manager is assigned to each project to make sure it flows smoothly. They will act as your key point of contact throughout the process and will work with you to establish development tasks and milestones and to schedule project review meetings.

Your project will begin to take shape as we develop it from our offices using our rapid development tools. We'll work with the established tasks and milestones as we code and test your project. Where possible, we will use your existing business logic and integrate with your existing systems and databases.

Quality assurance takes place throughout the development process and includes our internal peer code review. You and/or your users will test the application and we will make any necessary adjustments.

As we move your project into production, we'll provide detailed documentation and complete our project closure checklist. We'll also be available to respond to any potential issues.

We'll establish a strategy for moving forward after we roll your project out. If you choose to maintain the application yourself, you and your staff can optionally take part in knowledge transfer. Co-development is ongoing with a phased or agile approach.


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