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PHP-based B2B e-commerce application improves customer service and encourages nationwide sales

Dillon Floral partnered with BCD Professional Services to develop a PHP-based B2B e-commerce application that integrates with their IBM i. The application, which was built with WebSmart PHP, enables retail flower shops to order products, pay invoices and self-manage their accounts without assistance from Dillon personnel. This allows their sales team to focus on what they do best: building relationships and selling, rather than taking orders.

Customers who use our cart love it! They now have access to valuable information about their accounts when they need it. The cart is easy to use, visually pleasing and flows seamlessly from our website.

Stephanie Baylor, IT Manager


Several years ago, Dillon started seriously thinking about offering their products online. Historically, their sales team received orders via phone and manually entered them into their IBM i.

The organization's first attempt was an off-the-shelf shopping cart that initially worked well. However, it still required Dillon personnel to enter the orders into their IBM i. They also wanted to take advantage of real-time inventory but didn't have PHP experience to take the project on themselves.


"BCD's Professional Services team was recommended to us and they seemed like a good fit right away," says Stephanie Baylor, Dillon Floral's IT Manager.

BCD Professional Services used WebSmart PHP to build an e-commerce application that integrated with Dillon's website. Online orders now integrate with their in-house green screen-based order entry system. The orders are automatically printed in the appropriate department(s), where they are then fulfilled.

Since the initial round of development, Dillon has worked with BCD to add more functionality to the web application:

  • Expanded product selection from fresh flowers only to three different product lines: fresh flowers, plants and floral non-perishables
  • Ability to pay invoices online
  • Purchase history
  • Online discounts
  • Account sign-up and self-management
  • Order confirmation via email

"We love the cart and keep finding ways to add functionality. The sky is the limit with BCD," says Stephanie.


"I believe that our online shopping cart is going to give us the edge we need in our market," says Stephanie. "We have noticed a steady increase in online purchases since we rolled out the cart. Our goal is to increase online activity so our sales staff can concentrate on prospecting for new customers and focus on selling."

"Our on-line shopping cart has also opened up our target market from four states to nationwide," she continues. "It is now much easier and more efficient to reach out to retailers purchasing floral products that can be shipped via common carrier vs our own fleet of trucks that deliver only regionally."

"I'm very proud of how it turned out. Customers who use our cart love it! They now have access to valuable information about their accounts when they need it. The cart is easy to use, visually pleasing and flows seamlessly from our website."

About Dillon Floral

The Dillon business first began in 1875 when John Lloyd Dillon, (the son of Irish immigrant Patrick Dillon), began growing flowering and vegetable plants in a greenhouse on College Hill. J. Lloyd soon became a famous carnation grower by hybridizing his own varieties. In 1906, he passed away, and his wife Louise ran the business until 1916 when their sons inherited it.

Over the past 125 years, Dillon Floral has naturally evolved through many phases of Dillon family involvement. We are currently completing the ownership transition from the third to the fourth generation. The mission of company president, Robert W. Dillon is: To lead Dillon Floral Corporation to its 150th birthday (2025); allowing the legacy of John Lloyd Dillon to continue to the fifth generation, enriching the lives of those who contribute to our company's success by reaching the highest standard of quality and service in whatever we do.


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