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Initial sales order inquiry application developed in 5 days

Working with assistance from the BCD Professional Services Group, Tricots Liesse were able to get their initial web application, including sales order inquiries, price lists and product lookups, developed in 5 days. At the same time they gained a working knowledge of WebSmart.

Utilizing the skills of BCD Professional Services Group allows me to get my apps developed quickly and I get to work with their programmers so that I'm able to maintain and enhance the programs. This represents a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time web developer.

Ellery Soifer, IS Manager

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Quick Start

Tricots Liesse recognized the changing trends in application development and the need to provide secure browser based remote access. They evaluated WebSmart and within two months they had a working site in production.

A Second Project

Tricots Liesse again used the services of BCD, this time to build an order entry application for the Tricots Liesse sales reps. Again in 5 days the application was developed and was ready for beta-testing by the reps.

A Long Relationship

The relationship between BCD and Tricots Liesse began over 10 years ago when they purchased DbGen and ProGen Plus. Since that time, Ellery Soifer, the IS manager has invested in several other BCD products in order to fill the wide gap between the legacy software their requirements. "I can easily say that I've created fully functional programs and modules exceeding a legacy value of $100,000.00, and I've done this all alone; this is a one person cost-conscious operation."

About Tricots Liesse

Tricots Liesse was established in 1967 as a mill specializing in circular knitted apparel textiles. They have expanded to create Di-Tech, a dyeing and finishing center encompassing 110,000 square feet. They have recently broken ground for a new expansion of an additional 140,000 square feet to house a state-of-the-art knitting facility.


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