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Online order management system facilitates shipping and tracking orders

Nippon Express, located in Wooddale Illinois, needed to facilitate shipping and tracking orders for Mazda Corporation. The project had a very tight deadline and they had no in-house resources to complete it in the time allowed. They contracted the services of BCD to assist with the development of a Delivery Order Management and Tracking system. The first phase was completed in good time and everyone was pleased with the outcome.

We had a very tight deadline and no resources (in house) to complete it in the time allowed. The customer required a detailed development plan that had to be adhered to, to the letter. We had a lot to do just to complete the plan with the customer. BCD Professional Services completed the first phase in good time and everyone was pleased with the outcome. As a result we are continuing to expand our business with Mazda and the usefulness of the web site.

Paul Cree, IS Senior Supervisor

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Delivery Order Management System Details

The Delivery Order Management System provides functionality to manage delivery orders to be shipped via Sea Vessels or Air Shipments. Parts will be entered into the system for an order. These parts are then used to load into containers. These containers will be loaded into the appropriate vessels which will be shipped and delivered to the proper destination. History records are maintained for each part, container and vessel so it is easy to track the progress of any entity in the system.


This system is used by many different Nippon Express and Mazda consoles positioned all over the globe. A user login is required to access the internal programs. This login will limit the functionality for that particular user depending on the user's authority code.

Another security feature used in the Delivery Order Management system is the History List. All changes made to any vessel, container or part, are logged in a history file. The user ID is stored along with the changes made to make it easier for administration to track the progress of orders.

Parts Maintenance

Parts can be added to the system from an XLS spreadsheet using an import facility written in WebSmart that reads the spread sheet data and builds the necessary records. Parts can also be added manually via the web programs.

Vessel Maintenance

For every run of a vessel, an entry will be added to the system. Each entry will have a Departure Port, Arrival Port as well as Estimated Time of Departure and Estimated Time of Arrival. Vessels can be either Sea vessels or Air vessels.

Container Maintenance

For every container on a vessel, an entry will be added to the system. If a container fails to get loaded onto its appropriate vessel, the vessel that container is associated with can be updated.

Container Loading Plan

The Container Loaded Plan provides the functionality to place ordered parts into containers on the appropriate vessels. Once the loading plan is complete, it is submitted as a proposed loading plan.

Current Status

Currently, the Mazda Delivery Order Management System is used in Canada, USA, Japan and Europe and is used to manage and track their orders. As a follow-up to the initial development work done by the BCD Consulting Group, one of the WebSmart developers visited Nippon Express and facilitated a 5 days WebSmart Training for a Nippon's internal development staff. As a result of this course, and a review of the applications already developed, Nippon is now actively enhancing and adding additional programs to the Mazda Delivery Order Management System in house.


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