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Catapult customers shared the following testimonials about automatically distributing IBM i spool files to users in the formats they want.

"By providing electronic statements to our clients and allowing them to opt-out of receiving paper, we managed to reduce the number of pages we had to print per quarter by almost 70%."

— Richard Van Geilswyk, CMRRA

"With Catapult I have been able to eliminate printing of many of our reports. The President loves getting the reports via email because he now has that information easily accessible no matter where he's traveling."

— Ellen Nuebel, Nichicon

"Catapult is great for emailing reports and for passing documents to Nexus. Splitting reports for integration with Nexus is also fantastic. I think Catapult is pure genius."

— Bonnie Brant, Parts Central, Inc.

"As a business that is spread out over a large geographic area, Catapult has become an invaluable tool in the distribution of information within our business. We depend on Catapult 24/7 to provide timely accurate information for every aspect of our business."

— Gary Cook, Ameriwood Industries

"I love Catapult. It is easy to use and the Customer Service and Technical teams are excellent. Using the email feature has saved us time and money on paper and phone bills."

—Kay Nacht, Gift Box Corporation

"Catapult has saved us time, resources and wear and tear on our printers. So many reports get looked at and tossed out so our paper costs have dropped dramatically."

— Shannon Zebold, Morris Coupling Co.

"The application is easy to use, documentation is very clear and consise and the help desk is excellent."

— Ray Lleverino, US Health Group

"Catapult saves our users hours of time by getting data into Excel instead of rekeying it. They also benefit by using the download to PDF for external customers to view."

— Mary Kennedy, Smiths Aerospace

"It opened a whole new world for our green screen users. Before they were left out and had to rely on somebody with access to a pc to perform their jobs for them. Now they can sit at their desk and do it themselves."

— Adri Burger, SA Typographical Union

"Since using Catapult, we no longer have to manually split and route reports. This has saved time, money, and improved our efficiency by 1000%."

— Mike Ritholz, Borah Goldstein Altschu

"We use Catapult for generating PDF images of all our invoices. We generate thousands a day, and have never had any problems. We also use it to distribute all kinds of reports to our internal users, and just recently started using Catapult to deliver order confirmations to our customers."

— Sharon Wray, Butler Animal Health Supply

"Month end used to be a nightmare and reams of paper got mailed out, but now with Catapult it's a dream come true. What a tool!"

— Sue Wade, Hewitt Coleman

"We used to print out a half a box of Blue-bar paper every night - that is now a thing of the past. Much less paper, less ribbons, less time sorting.... I love it."

— Sue Frey, Consolidated Biscuit

"I'm actually a new user to your product and for what I'm using it now I am very satisfied with it. The product allows us to do more things than what we originally purchased the product to do."

— Gilbert Beaudin, DOUBLETEX

"Catapult email has replaced hundreds of reports from being printed on bluebar paper. This has saved us time and money."

— Debbie Potts, Crosscheck, Inc.

"The Catapult system has helped us automate the distribution of reports to over 30 salesreps in the field. The system has saved PeopLoungers over $15,000.00 a year. BCD has a great sales force with outstanding tech support! I highly recommend this company."

— Patrick Medlin, Peoploungers

"Catapult's ability to break (or split) reports based on content in the report header is awesome. Writing a catapult rule instead of making a program change is simpler and saved me hours."

— Paul Prohaska, North Safety Products

"Grab rules are fun to make and very easy and quick to achieve the results you need. My staff love getting their reports via email, and my operations staff love not having to archive the reports manually, Catapult does all the work for us."

— Rona Adams-Brody, Weight Watchers of Columbus

"With locations throughout the midwest, Catapult has made it easy for us to save time and money by allowing us to split reports and deliver them by email to the responsible parties. This has allowed our managers and salespeople to truely have mobile offices."

— Mike Escott, MFA Oil

"Catapult provides a great benefit to the business. Rather than print reports or using up paper the reports are emailed to specific email addresses automatically so things are done efficiently and without any problems."

— Raymond Martinez, Gospel Light

"By distributing our reports through Catapult we have saved considerable amounts of time and money. We now create contracts online and distribute them across the country via email. This allows us to deliver to our customers in minutes instead of days."

— Mike Escott, MFA Oil

"This product along with your support is a great joy to work with. Documentation excellent!"

— Felix Cartagene, Zany Brainy

"Catapult has saved us hundreds of hours of work creating ways to take iSeries spool file data and turn it into something usable on the desktop."

— Nigel Fortelage, George H. Young

"Catapult is great! It has allowed us to reduce our cost of paper and paper handling, improve report distribution time, switch to electronic documents, provide electronic archiving of data, automatically split and distribute documents, and I'm sure I've missed some more things that it is doing for us. Thanks for such a great product and awesome support!"

— Gordon Kingery, Wahl Clipper

Gordon Kingery
  • Gordon Kingery
  • Wahl Clipper

"Catapult was an inexpensive and uncomplicated tool that is practical, efficient and just plain useful."

— John Um, Regal Greetings

"In just the early stages of implementing Catapult, it is already paying big dividends for our company by reducing overhead, saving printing and postage costs, and providing a better means for archiving reports."

— Brian Williams, Hoshizaki America, Inc.

"I have been working with Catapult for about 1 1/2 years. This product has been very helpful distributing reports throughout our company since we have 12 offices within our state. The Principals are getting what they need in a more timely fashion and using less paper. Good product."

— Renae Goshchke, Rehmann Group


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