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Get Automated Report Distribution With the Windows-Based Catapult Poller

Set Polling Interval

Set a polling interval (system wide) to check for qualifying spool files or set a daily time when to check. When spool files are selected during a polling cycle they are downloaded to the Poller PC for processing.

set polling intervals
poll multiple iseries

Poll One or More IBM i

Poll output queues on one or more IBM i systems.

Bulk of Client/Server Workload Handled on PC

Catapult offloads much of the processor intensive work to the Poller PC for splitting, archiving and converting. Email, Print, and Faxing is done through the PC services, minimizing your IBM i configuration and load.


Run as a Service

Automate the execution of the Catapult Poller by running it as a Windows Scheduled Task or as a service.


Start automatically delivering documents and IBM i spool files today.

Catapult takes 20 minutes to install. You'll get unlimited support from a team that's rated one of the best.

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