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Automatically Deliver Spool Files and PC Files to People in the Format They Want

Employees save countless hours because they no longer have to file, search, print and mail paper reports by hand.

Email with Many Options

Distribute reports via email using any SMTP email server. Here are some of the email options you have in Catapult:

  • Group multiple report attachments
  • Email one or group of addresses
  • Extract email address from report, database file or Catapult distribution list
  • Include reports as attachments, in the email body or as a text or HTML link
  • Include header and footer text in email
email with many options
save to network drive

Save to Network Drives

Save reports to any network drive. You can use replacement characters or extracted report values to specify the network folder path.

Print & Fax

Deliver reports by Fax or Print. Reports can be faxed to a single or multiple fax numbers and/or they can be printed to a single or multiple printers.

print and fax
publish to web in folders

Nexus Portal

Catapult integrates with the FREE Nexus web portal for complete Enterprise Content Management (ECM) & Archiving. Auto-file reports to the web in organized folders and extract dynamic data content from reports to build custom indexes for searching in the Nexus ECM.

Group Member Distribution Options

Catapult Distribution Groups are primarily a set of individuals and/or distribution details (fax, email or printer) used for sending your reports. You can use groups as the recipients of a report or segment when you want to repeatedly send a report to the same set of people (for example, weekly sales figures to the management team). Groups can also be used when you are splitting a report then emailing or saving selected portions of it.

group distribution options
call-out data

Call-Out Data Values

In Catapult if you want to retrieve an email address or any other distribution information from an existing file like your own Customer Master file you can use the Call-Out Program to retrieves these data values. This eliminates the need to maintain a separate distribution list in Catapult.

Replacement Characters for Naming

Catapult includes an extensive list of replacement values such as &n for spool file name, &y for IBM i date, &k for key value and many more. These values can be used for naming reports, building dynamic network directories for archiving, overlay names and paths and more.

replacement characters
additional files

Include Additional Files (ie Terms and Conditions)

Include additional (separate) files in the distribution (email, print or fax) such as a Confidentiality Notice file, Terms and Conditions file, etc.

IBM i Commands for On-Demand Distribution

Catapult includes commands that allow you to distribute spool files or execute grab rules anytime from a command line or embedded in a CL program.

iseries commands

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