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Transform Spool Files into Professional-Looking Reports in Formats Users Want

Use Catapult to automatically rebuild your IBM i reports as feature-rich PDF, RTF and HTML documents.


Convert to PDF, RTF, HTML, TXT, TIF, PRN

Distribute IBM i reports (spool files) as PDF, RTF, TXT, PRN, HTML, or TIF.

Forms/Graphic Overlays

Add background (overlay) images to your PDF, HTML and RTF reports for professional looking invoices, purchase orders and more.

forms/graphic overlays
compression and encryption

Compression and Encryption

Compress and encrypt text and graphics in PDF documents providing security and efficiency.

Multi-Language Support

Catapult supports multiple languages through grab rule specific translation tables.

font and page orientation controls

Font and Page Orientation Controls

Override the base font and page orientation for Adobe PDF, RTF and HTML.


Define hyperlink "bookmarks" based on report content in PDF, RTF, and HTML to quickly navigate through the document.

bar codes

Bar Code Fonts

Catapult includes a series of bar code fonts to use. This third party font set is licensed to use on your Catapult Poller PC by Catapult.

Rich Format

Embedded rich font tag support to add fonts, bolding and underlining for PDF, RTF, and HTML.

rich text

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