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Track Report Distribution From the Windows-Based Catapult Poller

Poller Monitor for Remote Tracking

The Poller Monitor helps monitor the Catapult Poller PC operations remotely. This program can be added into your Start Up group so that you can always keep an eye on the status of your Poller.

poller monitor
history list

History List

You can view completed request to keep track of Catapult's actions in the Catapult History List. You can also print every action taken on a spool file in the History List.

Errors and Requests List

Monitor the status of Grab Rule Requests in real time using the Requests and Errors list. Also includes detailed messaging if a request goes into error.

error and request lists
server status

Real-Time Server Status Window

Monitor the moment-to-moment activities of the Catapult Poller using the Server Status window within the Catapult Console.

Administrator Failure Notice

You can choose to have an Administrator receive an email notification upon failure of any grab rule or for any parsed segment that is not assigned to anyone.

post action

Save, Delete or Hold Spool Files

After a report has been processed by a grab rule the following actions that help you manage spool files can be automatically performed on the spool file: Save, Delete or Hold.

Move Spool File to Different Queue

After a report has been processed by a grab rule you have the option to specify a different output queue to move it to.

move spool files
update user data

Update User Data

You can optionally update the user data of processed spool files.


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