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Send Full Reports or Only the Relevant Sections with Intelligent Parsing

Easily break long complex reports into sections then link the key values to users in your distribution lists and automatically send each person just the section of the report that is relevant to them.

Split Reports into Segments

Split reports so users only receive information that is relevant: Customers receive their invoices from a monthly invoice report, sales reps receive their customers' orders and not any other reps customer's information, etc. Reports are split based on key values retrieved from the report text.

split reports into segments
email split

Extract Email Addresses, Fax Numbers or Printers

Extract email addresses from the report text to be used for emailing the report or segment. Fax numbers and printer names can also be extracted and used for distribution.

Extract Key and Data Values

Extract key and data values from the report text to be used to customize file names, file paths, email addresses and other distribution options. Key values are also used in Catapult distribution lists.

extract data values

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