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Retrieve and Distribute Spool Files and Documents from Many Different Locations

Flexible Selection Criteria (Report Name, Queue, etc.)

You can make one grab rule distribute a single report or hundreds of reports depending on how specific you make the selection criteria. You can define selection criteria by any combination of the following: Report Name, Queue, User Data, User ID, Form Type or Job Name and use wild cards for any of the criteria.

flexible selection criteria

Console (GUI) to Manage Grab Rules

The Catapult Console is a Windows-based application that allows you to manage and create grab rules, as well as track the status of distribution requests and monitor the status of the Catapult Poller. Grab rules are actually stored on the IBM i which means that the Console can be installed on any number of PCs and that every PC you install the Console on has access to all grab rules.

Poll Unlimited Number of Output Queues

Catapult can poll an unlimited number of output queues to search for spool files that match your grab rules selection criteria. Optionally select or exclude specific queues for Catapult processing to improve performance.

output queues
poll pc

Poll Network Directories for PC Files

As of version 6 of Catapult you can poll network directories and folders for PC files.

SCS or AFPDS Spool Files

Download SCS spool files as PDF, RTF, HTML, TXT, PRN or AFPDS spool files as TIFF.

spool files

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