Catapult Support

Installation Instructions

These instructions are for new installs of Catapult 8.0 (and higher) only. If you are upgrading Catapult from an earlier release, please log into to view the Upgrader's Guide. For additional product information, please visit the Catapult home page.

Step 4: Install the Catapult Poller and Console on your PC.

Double-click the PC install file that you downloaded in Step 1. Follow the on-screen instructions.

  1. The first window confirms the release level to be installed, and recommends you close all other applications. Click the Next button when you are ready to continue.

  2. During the install, you are prompted to select the components you need:
  3. You must install at least one instance of each component. Use the following guidelines in selecting the components to install:

    • While evaluating the software, the simplest option is to initially install both components on your PC.
    • If you are setting up a dedicated PC on which to run the Catapult Poller, make sure you select the Poller (as shown above).
    • If you have already installed the Catapult Poller on another machine then you probably only need the Console. Remember, you can install the Console on as many PCs as you wish, there is no need to use a Remote Desktop Connection to access the Poller PC and work with your rules.
  4. ?During this part of the installation you may be prompted to install the .NET Framework 4.0. If so, follow the instructions from the prompt.
  5. When the installation is complete, you may be prompted to either reboot your PC (if you had to install the .NET Framework) or to run the software (if your PC already had the .NET Framework).
  6. If you are prompted to reboot, after rebooting launch Catapult 8 from Start/All Programs/Catapult 8/Console/Console.