Catapult Support

Installation Instructions

These instructions are for new installs of Catapult 8.0 (and higher) only. If you are upgrading Catapult from an earlier release, please log into to view the Upgrader's Guide. For additional product information, please visit the Catapult home page.

Step 7: Poller Service Config.

These steps are required to avoid problems with the following types of grab rules:

  • Grab rules configured to automatically print reports.
  • Grab rules designed to access network resources, such as files to attach to emails, or graphical overlays.
  • Grab rules designed to archive reports to network directories.

In summary, configuring the Catapult Poller service according to the following instructions will give you predictable network access to supporting resources.

1. Launch the Start/Run window.

On the Catapult Poller PC, go to your Start menu and open the Run... window. Type 'services.msc':

Click the OK button.

2. Find and double-click the Catapult 7 Service option.

In the list of services running on the PC, find the service named 'Catapult 7 Service'. When you find the entry, double-click it.

3. Add a Log On profile.

In the Catapult 7 Service Properties window, go to the Log On tab and enter your network ID and password (this is for your network, NOT the IBM i):

The account name needs to be entered according to the following criteria:

  • If you are using a non-domain machine with an operating system such as XP Home, enter the account in the format '.\PROFILE' (for example, .\jsmith).
  • If you are using a machine (such as a Windows 2003 or XP Pro box) that is part of an existing domain and you wish to use a domain profile for authority use this format: 'DOMAIN\PROFILE' (e.g. ALPHA\jsmith).

Use a network profile that will have authority to all the folders and printers Catapult would normally need to access, including authority to create and delete files and directories.

When you finish this step, click Apply, then OK.

4. Verify your change.

When you click OK above, you should return to your list of services, where the profile you entered above should be shown in the 'Log On As' column. Then close the Services window.

Now that you have finished configuring the Catapult Poller service, see the next step for what's next.