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The following webinars are designed to provide in-depth information that helps you become more familiar with Catapult.

How Automating Spool File Distribution Reduces Costs

How efficient are your IBM i report distribution and document management processes? If you're still sending invoices, purchase orders and other IBM i documents by mail, you may be unnecessarily incurring costs, increasing delivery times and burdening your IT staff.

View this webinar to learn how BCD's Catapult can automatically and reliably put critical information in the hands of the people who need it in the format they want.

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Getting Started with Catapult for Automated Report and Document Distribution

This technical webinar gives a detailed look at the key features of Catapult by showing you a demo of:

  • Distributing spool files as PDF
  • Splitting them
  • Archiving reports to the web as spreadsheets

This webinar is useful for people who are new to Catapult and for anyone considering automated report distribution.

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