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Five Steps to Getting Started with Catapult

If you have any questions or need a hand getting started with Catapult, please contact our technical support or sales team.

Download Catapult

Download a Free Trial

Download a free, fully-functional version of Catapult that you can evaluate for 30 days. The installation instructions are available here. You should be able to complete the download and install in under 30 minutes.

Talk to a product specialist

Talk to a Product Specialist

Give our sales office a call at (630) 986-0800 to talk to a Catapult specialist who can help you determine whether Catapult can fulfill your objectives, and discuss with you how you can best employ the software in your particular environment.

Download Catapult

Watch a Demo

To help you get started as quickly as possible we recommend you watch the one-hour, on-demand Getting Started with Catapult webinar. In the webinar, you'll learn the steps to success and see a live demonstration of the key features by a technical expert who will also discuss configuration and tips and techniques.

You can also request a live web demo of the software using our online form, or ask your sales rep to schedule one for you. The demo will give you a quick idea of how the product looks and functions, and help you get yourself started as quickly as possible. You can also ask your sales rep to schedule a technical demo with a member of our support team, to take a more in-depth look at the software.

Learn More about Catapult

Learn More About Catapult

Here are some resources you can use to find out more about Catapult:

  • Catapult Features: This page includes a detailed, illustrated list of the product's features.
Start Using Catapult

Start Using Catapult

The tutorial exercises in the Catapult User Guide will teach you how to create a grab rule, convert spool files to PC file format, save, email, print and fax reports, apply overlays, and parse/split reports.

Even if you like learning to use new software by just playing around, we still recommend that you at least browse the tutorial exercises to get a sense of the natural flow of using the product and to help you start using the most efficient techniques for building rules.


Start automatically delivering documents and IBM i spool files today.

Catapult takes 20 minutes to install. You'll get unlimited support from a team that's rated one of the best.

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