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Catapult scores 3.85 out of 4 points in Don Rima Report

"I've looked at a couple of tools in the past that are designed to take IBM i spool files and transform the data into another desired format. In some cases, it's a PDF file. In other cases, it's a spreadsheet. Or sometimes users want to e-mail a report to a list of folks on a one-time or ongoing basis. The list of vendors that are merging all of these functions and more into either one package or a suite of software continues to grow. While wandering through the COMMON expo last spring, I ran into a group that touted the ability to go from a spool file to an Excel spreadsheet or graph fairly seamlessly - an interesting concept and one I could see some use for. Enter Catapult and EZ-Pickins from Business Computer Design International (BCD)."

— Don Rima, Technical Editor for IBM Systems Magazine

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A Versatile Threader for Spooled Files

"One of the most important functions computers fulfill for people is to provide us with enough information to make informed decisions. In the iSeries world, one of the key interfaces for that exchange is the extraction of meaningful reports from spooled files and that information's distribution in useful forms to those who need it. Document management applications provide that interface, and a good archetype of that application genre is BCD International, Inc.'s Catapult."

— John Ghrist, Senior Products Editor, System i News

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