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Reporting Made Easy with Templates

Clover includes intelligent templates for designing professional-looking reports in minutes. Design wizards help you create drill-downs, standard reports and summaries. You can also export reports to Excel and visualize data in graphs and charts.

DB2, MySQL and MS SQL Report Templates

Anyone can produce professional-looking reports with Clover's DB2, MySQL and MS SQL templates. Choose from one of our many template families for the look and feel you prefer, or create your own templates to integrate your company's look and feel into each report you design.

20+ templates

Graphs (Bar, Line, Pie)

Create reports presented in graphical format using the graph templates. Choose from 2 or 3 dimensional bar, pie or line graphs. You control the X and Y axis elements, graph headings, titles, bar values, colors and many more options. Charts and graphs can plot single or multiple series of data easily.

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Drill Down Reports

The drill down template allows you to do multi-level drills downs with standard or summary reports. Users can click a summary line to reveal the underlying details. This provides an overview with option to drill down to additional levels of detail. These templates use stylesheets (CSS) so pages are lightweight and easy to modify.

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drilldown reports
export to excel

Export to Excel

The Excel Spreadsheet template creates intelligent Excel spreadsheets based on the query you create with the SQL wizards. Users can automatically display these in browsers or download and save them to their PCs.

Export to PDF

You can use the PDF template to output reports as .pdf files. PDF files are compact and compatible with many platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile devices.

PDF reports
standard reports

Standard Reports

Use the Standard Report template to create detail or summary reports with headings, breaks, subtotals, prompt pages, and more.

Summary Reports

Most templates have an option to create a summary with report headings, breaks, and subtotals.

summary reports
prompt screens

Prompt Screens for Runtime Input Values

All templates let you choose to include a prompt screen with selected values that a user can provide at run-time. These values can change what data is extracted for the report by being included in the SQL query to control record selection.


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