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Secure, Organized Access to Reports and Dashboards with Nexus Portal

Optionally use Nexus Portal, BCD's web portal, to organize your reports in menus and dashboards. Nexus also provides a secure single point of access to your enterprise information including web applications, documents, dashboards and productivity tools.

Secure Reports

Nexus Portal provides security so authenticated users only see the reports they are authorized to.

When adding a link to Clover reports, you can select which users or groups are authorized to the report. No coding is required.

secure dashboards
portlets or links

Reports as Portlets

You can add multiple Clover reports to a Nexus page as portlets. They can be placed anywhere in the portal for quick access.

Menus for Quick Access

Nexus includes dynamic drop down menus and menu trees for quick navigation. Users only see menus they are authorized to.

secure menus

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