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Charts and Dashboards for Professional-Looking Visual Reports

Produce graphical reports that look modern and are easy to interpret. Users can create reports and dashboards with Clover's templates that let them see the big picture and drill down to the details.


The Clover SmartCharts templates create bar, line and pie charts. The charts use SmartCharts™, which consists of charts and key performance indicators (KPIs) that provide instant snapshots of vital business metrics and help you visually improve the communication of business information. All SmartCharts are included at no additional cost and can easily be integrated with Clover.

single series

Line, Bar and Pie

Create single series reports displayed in graphical format as 2D or 3D bar, pie or line charts. You control the X and Y axis elements, graph headings, titles, bar values, colors and many more options.

Multi-Series Charts

Create multi-series charts to compare multiple sets of data over a period of time or to break down sales figures by multiple categories using stacked charts. You have the option to create multi-series charts as column, bar or line charts in 2D or 3D.


KPIs (Gauges, Thermometers, Pyramids, etc.)

Use instrument or gauge charts to show KPIs in a visually-arresting display. Many are also real-time gauges which can update their data at a specified time interval without requiring page refreshes.

Non-Flash HTML5 SmartCharts

HTML5 versions of SmartCharts are now included so you can display single-series charts on non-Flash devices such as iPads. With SmartCharts, you can design and integrate real-time animated two and three-dimensional bar charts, pie charts, executive dashboards and more.

trend lines


Improve decision making and display data visually with interactive dashboards. You can use Ajax or iFrames to combine multiple reports on one page that show the big picture. You can also include drill downs to the details and pass parameters to make reports interactive.

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Trend Lines

Set trend lines to show averages or to display target goals.

trend lines
chart customization

Chart Customizations

SmartCharts offers you hundreds of customization options like transparency, color themes, hotspots, hover captions and links. You can also make these changes by modifying values in the HTML segments.


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