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Robust IDE to Meet Your Advanced Reporting Requirements

Clover uses the same IDE as WebSmart, which gives you the power of a web application development tool that meets your more sophisticared reporting needs. Use the IDE to call RPG back-end programs, set library lists dynamically, conditionally display data and more.

fully integrated with WebSmart IDE

Fully Integrated with WebSmart IDE

WebSmart, our IBM i web application development tool, integrates with Clover and shares the same IDE. All of the core tools and functions in WebSmart are available in Clover, allowing you to write custom code for any report you design. This gives you the power of a complete web development tool.

Report-Friendly HTML Editing

Easily modify the existing HTML in your report using IDE features like color coding, intelligent help, drag and drop fields, code snippets, previews and syntax checking.

html editing
printing conditions

Print Conditions

Control which details get printed by adding conditions to your HTML segments. For example, you can display only items where the quantity on hand is greater than zero.

Customize Any Report

You can customize anything in your reports including both the display and the functionality. Use HTML, graphics, customized user options or write totally custom code.

report customization
edit records

Edit Records

Optionally allow authorized users to edit real-time data by updating, deleting or additing records via a web browser. You have complete control over who you want to allow to edit data.


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