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Use Clover's SQL Wizards To Design and Build Reports Without Any Coding

Non-programmers can easily use Clover as each report design is driven by customized wizards based on the templates they pick.

Codeless Design Process

Anyone can create IBM i web reports in minutes with templates that generate the initial HTML and SQL. Once you've finished the design, you can immediately review your report. You can make simple changes by changing the layout, or retrace your steps to make major changes. Clover retains all your initial choices, so you don't have to start from scratch.

codeless design
sql wizard

SQL Wizard

The SQL wizard eliminates the need for you to know the sometimes arcane and complex syntax for coding SQL statements. It provides a sophisticated interface that helps you build the correct SQL statement for your reporting requirements with prompting, drag and drop and real-time syntax checking.

SQL Query Templates (Import/Export)

Importing and exporting Clover SQL Query Templates makes it easier for end users to create reports without needing to understand database files and file relationships. Saved queries can contain the following:

  • Various files with appropriate relationships
  • Filters fields
  • Subtotal fields
  • Sort orders and level breaks
  • Subset of fields from various files
multi-file selection

Multi-File Selection

Join any number of files by dragging and dropping the linking fields and selecting the join type (inner, right outer, etc.) from a drop down box.


Easily select a subset of records from your database files by using the Filter Records wizard. Choose the fields and operands you want to filter by, which automatically generates an SQL where clause for you. You can even include runtime variables during the development phase so you can dynamically test your filters to ensure you get the correct subsets of data.

filtering records
level breaks and ordering

Level Breaks and Ordering

Sort data by any of the fields or derived values in your report prior to displaying the report by simply selecting the fields to order by from the Order/Level Break wizard screen. To create level breaks, simply check the box of the fields you want to break on. Headings and total lines will automatically be added for each level break.

Subtotals and Record Counters

To create a subtotal over a field, check the box next to the field from the Field Selection screen. Clover automatically adds the subtotals to each level break and at the end of the report. Subtotals and record counters can also be added with a creation wizard directly in the HTML or with the right click short cut.

basic and advanced

Basic and Advanced SQL Functions

Create calculated fields by using the basic and advanced SQL function from the Calculated Fields wizard. Select from scalar functions like substring to create derived fields or from columnar functions like sum or count to create summary fields.

Query Dataset Preview

At any time during the SQL wizard process, you can click the View Data button to preview whether you're getting the data you need or whether you need to go back to an earlier step and adjust your settings.

query dataset preview

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