DbGen Support

Installation Instructions

These instructions are for new installs of DbGen 2.5 only. Please log in to myFreschesolutions.com to access the User Guide.

Step 3: Install DbGen on your IBM i.

?After closing the upload utility, log on to an iSeries session as QSECOFR. Run the command BCDINSTALL/BCDINSTALL. At the panel presented, select the product DbGen and press Enter.

When prompted for the device to restore from, select *SAVF:

Pres Enter, and follow the on-screen instructions.

When the installation concludes, run the DB#LIB/DBGENINST command to enter your DbGen License Key:

?If you don't have a valid license key to hand, contact BCD at (630) 986-0800 to request one.

After entering your license key, confirm that the library DB#LIB is in your library list and run the command DBGEN. This presents the DbGen Main Menu. If the panel is presented successfully, your license key has been successfully applied.