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Perform impact analysis on your RPG/400, ILE-RPG and CL code with Docu-Mint, the multi-award winning iSeries software documentation solution.

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In a rapidly changing IT environment it is critical to know what impact a proposed change will have on your system and how many resources will be needed to make it possible. Docu-Mint assists you in this difficult task by analyzing your system to provide critical cross-referencing and impact analysis information.

"I like the ability to know which files are accessed by which programs and visa versa"
- Jerry Bune, Sinton Dairy

On this page:

What is Docu-Mint

With Docu-Mint, the Multi-Award winning Software Documentation and Cross Referencing Tool, you can immediately become very productive by using the Complete on-line documentation, impact analysis and cross referencing tools. It is used world-wide by programming staffs to assist in software analysis, design, development and testing.

Become more proficient by knowing where and how objects are used on-line, by seeing detailed job implosions and explosions of: RPG, CL, menus, commands, queries, user profiles... Detailed on-line field cross-referencing, indented listings and so much more....

Become more effective by using the PDM development environment. Identify orphaned objects. Whether you're managing, developing or modifying RPG and CL, Docu-Mint will handle your requirements.

Like users at 1,000's of sites worldwide, whether you are new or inherited software you did not write, the New Docu-Mint will make you more productive. And it's great in helping manage program date field changes.

Quality software documentation is very much needed in all data centers and we've specialized in it. We made it easy to install, easy to use, very cost effective and automatic. With1,000's of worldwide installations, you know you're getting a proven productivity system.

Prove the value of Docu-Mint by trying it first on a FREE trial

  • On the iSeries - i5 - AS400 Docu-Mint will process ILE/RPG, RPG400, RPGIII and CL code.

Docu-Mint Benefits

Docu-Mint is faster and more robust than ever before. It will effortlessly provide you with automatic Software Documentation, Impact Analysis and Cross-Referencing to show you how your applications are connected and the impact of proposed changes. It will help you become more effective in your daily work. You will quickly rectify the situation of not having complete and up-to-date documentation.

You will find Docu-Mint to be significantly easier to use and very cost effective. Plus, with 10,000+ worldwide installations of BCD products you are assured that you are also getting a proven system from a well respected company.

Docu-Mint Solutions to Common Problems



I need a tool to document our software as part of the effort to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.


Customers have used Docu-Mint to assist in their SOX compliance efforts



After a software audit the auditors said we need better documentation of our software.


Docu-Mint has been used by many companies to satisfy that need before or after an audit.



I need to know all or selected objects used by commands, procedures, programs, menus, queries, files, user profiles...and an overview of the job's job flow.


Work with Used Objects module. By using the *EXC instead of the *ALL prompt, you can also limit the list to executable objects only for an overview of a job's job flow.



I need to know what positions are available for use in a file.


The Field Cross Reference module.



I need to find source and objects that do not match.


Orphaned Objects module



We have incomplete documentation on our programs. I need to have full understanding on how they work and relate.


Explosion reports.



I need to understand the flow of our system, what objects are called by a specific object, where used and how used, etc..


The Menu Explosion and CLP Explosion,Work with used Objects and/or Work with Where Used Objects modules.



My programmers need to know all programs that use a file when changes need to be made.


Utilize the Work with Where Used module, File / Program/ Procedure Cross Reference.



Sometimes I need reports, and other times I need quick on-line cross-referencing.


Docu-Mint gives you the facility for both. You can look at the on-line report then decide to print it.


The Problem Solver

  • Learning curve less than 1 hour.
  • Job explosions for: Commands, Menus, Procedures, Queries, User profiles and Programs.
  • File / Field / Program / CL Cross-Referencing.
  • On-line views: Work With Objects Where Used and How Used, includes all or generic searches.
  • Track the flow of programs with the RPG and CL indentation and explosion reports.

The Justification

Programmers will be able to focus on the changes they need to make, eliminating time consuming investigations.

Allows the user to change the source for all objects used within a project from a single display, avoiding the need to jump around. Use the time saved for other projects.

Navigation through the documentation is accomplished by just a few key strokes rather than wading through multiple reports. Familiar PDM-like interface decreases the learning curve.

Clients Upgrading to 6.0
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Customer Testimonials

"Docu-Mint is a powerful tool that I use on almost a daily basis."

Lynda Scharnick,
Amateur Electronic Supply

"Docu-Mint is the best documentation package available anywhere for automated assistance with documenting IBM i systems. It will pay for itself quickly for both large and small systems because it assists with difficult situations and helps resolve problems. We wouldn't want to be without Docu-Mint."

Steven Fletcher,
V.P. Administration/IT,
Seymour Manufacturing Co.

"We rely on the WRKWHRUSE (WWU) every time we need to make a database change."

— John Mandel,
Vulcraft Norfolk

"I like the ability to know which files are accessed by which programs and visa versa."

Jerry Bune, Sinton Dairy