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EZ-Pickin's 10.5 - 11 New Features

You can download Monarch for EZ-Pickin's, including the free trial, from our public site or in

If you are using an older version of EZ-Pickin's (version 4 - 10.5), please view the feature comparison chart to see the key features that can help you improve your data mining and extraction process. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing the newest release.

Revamped User Interface

EZ-Pickin's has been updated using the latest .Net technology, unlocking the benefits of multi-core processors and 64-bit operating systems. Introducing a brand new interface that blends a Microsoft Office-like ribbon with EZ-Pickin's contextual interface, EZ-Pickin's makes it easier to model and transform the data in your reports and business documents, making you more productive than ever.

New Charting Environment

EZ-Pickin's charting has been redesigned and now supports zooming and the ability to view multiple charts in a grid.

Excel Compliance and Reporting Made Easy

New EZ-Pickin's gives users the ability to include a full-fidelity XML representation of the original source report with any Excel file (XLSX/XLSM) created from that report. In other words, the source data for the Excel file travels with the Excel file, making it easy to compare and reconcile the spreadsheet and its source.

EZ-Pickin's now becomes an even more valuable tool for providing useful reporting throughout the organization. Corporate information can be delivered in the format users want (Excel) along with the original report source(s) for viewing, compliance and auditing - free from programming, database work or altering any current system output.

Digital Signatures for Enhanced Data Integrity

With EZ-Pickin's 10.5, users have the option to embed a digital signature within any Excel file export, ensuring data integrity for Excel files which only need to be viewed and/or archived. Users can digitally sign a standalone Excel file, as well as an Excel file and source report combination. Digital signatures confirm data lineage and give the recipient the confidence that the message was created by a known sender and was not altered in transit. Auditing is also improved because a valid digital signature demonstrates the authenticity of the document.

XML is Key to the Export Process

During the Excel export process, EZ-Pickin's will export a full-fidelity XML representation of the report, with additional metadata in the Open XML package (XLSX file) and in the row data to allow vectoring to cells in the report from rows in the worksheet or worksheets. The functionality is available when exporting from the table view to .xlsx and .xlsm files. The ability to add the source report data is only available when creating new Excel files or overwriting existing files, not when appending to existing sheets, or adding/replacing sheets.

Adding source report files will generally NOT generate large Excel files. The reason is that Excel 'packages' created with Excel 2007 benefit from ZIP compression, which works particularly well on reports as they contain a great deal of white space.

Building Auto-Define Report Trapping

Getting started on defining a trap is dramatically simplified. Check off sample lines from the report for which you want to build a template. Monarch for EZ-Pickin's will generate a trap based on the common features of the report lines selected.

Color Coding for Template Types

Color-coded templates help expedite model building. Choose a custom background color for each template type.


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