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Below is a summary list of the features included in File-Flash Plus 4.

Summary of New Features

  1. Create delimited files using the conditional record selection and conditional field placement.
  2. The FILDLM command will allow you to create a delimited file from a command.
  3. Perform mass deletes using the QRYSLT.
  4. Optionally display the number of records processed when using QRYSLT.
  5. Multi-record update: you must press Enter to complete an update. Previously, if you pressed some function keys, it would go ahead and update anyway.
  6. Limitations for keys, etc have been changed as follows:
  7. Max # of keys - from 32 to 120 (the system maximum).
  8. Max key length - from 99 to 2000 (the system maximum).
  9. Max record length - from 9999 to 32766 (the system maximum).
  10. Note: max # of fields is still 999, although OS/400 supports 8,000
  11. F5=Refresh (similar to F12=Cancel). F5=Unformatted is now F17.
  12. Order of fields shown in display is now key fields first, then data fields (regardless of where key fields appear in list) - this is an option.
  13. List of fields now shows key field #.
  14. OPNQRYF now displays initial list of records very quickly (doesn't have to read thru entire file)
  15. OPNQRYF of keyed files retains the key and allows you to access the file by key with the OPNQRYF path open. (Previously, you could only access by rrn).
  16. OPNQRYF F9 function now retrieves only syntactically correct query strings.
  17. OPNQRYF is always 'real-time' (data is not stored in a temporary copy of the file)
  18. Easy to switch back and forth from all records to OPNQRYF view of records
  19. OPNQRYF - removed max # records to select option - not needed for query.
  20. 2 more options for list format - unformatted record, or unformatted record with hex under.
  21. Option to show rrn on page in multi-record mode- either on first page, or anchored.
  22. Now shows part of alpha field, for space available, in list.
  23. Support for null-capable files, and files containing null fields.
  24. Improved file selection screen - shows list of dependent logicals along with the key structures.
  25. Automatically retain the last set of field selections for a file , so when you go back in, you see the same list of fields. The selections are stored by user profile, record format and record level id. So, if several files share the same layout, they will get the same selections.


You can download File-Flash Plus, including the free trial, from our public site or on

To view all previous releases and updates, please visit the Updates History page.