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Installation Instructions

These instructions are for new installs of Nexus 4.10 and later only. Please log in to to access the User Guide.

Step 3: Install the IBM i Components.

Begin the IBM i Installation

To begin the installation log in to an IBM i session as QSECOFR and execute the command BCDINSTALL/BCDINSTALL. The install will present a summary list of the installation steps. Review the instructions and press Enter to continue.

Enter Your License Key

Nexus requires a valid license key before beginning the install. Enter your key at this screen:

? If you don't have a license key handy, you can exit the installation here and contact your sales representative at BCD, or log in to to submit a request. After entering your key, press enter to continue.

Set Your Environment Name

As the first step of the actual installation, enter the name of the library to install to:

The default library name is XL_NEXUS. We recommend you use this default unless you are installing multiple instances, or upgrading a previous library with a different name.

When you press Enter, Nexus displays a summary of the installation locations:

You may wish to print this screen for your records.

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