Nexus Portal Support

Installation Instructions

These instructions are for new installs of Nexus 4.10 and later only. Please log in to to access the User Guide.

Step 4: Start the HTTP Server Instance.

After the product libraries and IFS files have been restored you need to start the Nexus Apache HTTP server instance:

Press Enter at this screen to finish the install.

Now that you've verified you have the correct version of NXAUTH, start the XL_NEXUS HTTP server instance by entering your IBM i IP address below and clicking the Manage HTTP Servers button. When prompted, log on as QSECOFR and then continue with the instructions below:

. . .

? This page may take a few seconds to load. At the page presented go to the Manage tab and select the XL_NEXUS server instance from the dropdown list:

After selecting the server instance, verify its status. If it's stopped (as shown above), click the green button to start it.

You can also start the server instance directly from an IBM i session using the command STRTCPSVR SERVER(*HTTP) HTTPSVR(XL_NEXUS).

Once the server instance is shown as running, click this button to present the Nexus login program:

This test uses the IP address you entered above. If the program isn't found, verify your system IP address in the new browser window.

At the page presented, take note the URL of the page that opens: we have automatically appended the XL_NEXUS configuration's port number (8010) to your IP address, as well as the default Nexus login program's URL. We recommend that you bookmark that page.

If you get a Nexus login, it means you have successfully installed the portal, and started a functioning HTTP server instance. You can log in using the profile 'NEXUSADMIN' (password also 'NEXUSADMIN').