Nexus Portal Support

Installation Instructions

These instructions are for new installs of Nexus 4.10 and later only. Please log in to to access the User Guide.

Step 6: Use Nexus to Host Formtastic Documents.

This step is only required for integrating Nexus with Formtastic.

Nexus’ integration with Formtastic allows you to automatically archive Formtastic documents.

For instructions on how to use Nexus to host Formtastic documents, please review chapter 17 of the Nexus User Guide.

Use Nexus to set up profiles for different users, such as employees, partners and even customers, who can then log in and access their documents. You can then improve your service by enabling secure, self-serve access to information you publish, and creating savings by reducing your paper, filing and distribution costs:

Here is an illustration of a list of documents imported from Formtastic:

Nexus can index different parameters from the document file, such as document type, customer or account name, dates – and any number of custom parameters. Add these parameters to allow users to quickly search and find the documents they're looking for using the prompts, filters and date pickers.

The UI supports responsive design elements, allowing users to easily navigate and access their documents from any device including PC, tablet or mobile device.