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Presto Support

Installation Instructions

These instructions are for new installs of Presto 7.0 (and higher) only. If you are upgrading Presto from an earlier release, please log into to view the Upgrader's Guide. For additional product information, please visit the Presto home page.

Step 2: Install the Presto IBM i Components.

Follow the instructions below to install the Presto IBM i components.

  1. Log on to an IBM i session and execute the command XL_PRESTOI/BCDINSTALL.
  2. At the first screen presented select option 1 for a new install and press Enter to ? continue.
  3. The install will prompt you for an environment name to create. The default is XL_PRESTO. If this is your second, or subsequent, install, enter a different name (e.g. XL_PR61, or another unique name). Press Enter to continue.
  4. Enter the IFS directory to be created for your Presto environment. The default? directory is /esdi/xl_presto (or the environment name you chose). Then press Enter to continue.
  5. Confirm the Apache HTTP server configuration to be created in your IFS. The default location is /www/xl_presto (or the environment name you chose). Press Enter to continue.
  6. ?When prompted, enter the license key provided to you. If you don't have a valid Presto license key, contact BCD at (630) 986-0800 to request one. Note: If you are installing Presto for the first time you can enter the license key during the install (the recommended option) or afterwards by adding XL_PRESTO to your library list (ADDLIBLE XL_PRESTO) and using the UNLOCK command.
  7. Press Enter at the license key entry screen to continue restoring the required objects.
  8. When the IBM i installation finishes the Installation Status screen presents a summary of the library, IFS directory and HTTP server instance created. If you like you can print this screen or make a note of the values. Then continue with the next step.