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Installation Instructions

These instructions are for new installs of Presto 8.0 (and higher) only. If you are upgrading Presto from an earlier release, please log into to view the Upgrader's Guide. For additional product information, please visit the Presto home page.

Step 8: Configure the Presto Designer to Connect to the IBM i. ?

To work with your applications using the Presto Designer you must create a connection to the IBM i so the Designer can communicate with the server. Follow these steps to set up your server connection.

1. Create a New Connection

On startup the Presto Designer checks whether you have configured a server connection. If not, it prompts you to add one:

new connection

Complete the values as described below:

Field Value
Name Enter a descriptive value for this connection.
Server Address Type your IBM i IP address.
Port The default value of 4015 should usually work for you. See the sidenote for details.
Library The default install library is XL_PRESTO. Use this value unless you specified something different during the install.
URL http://yoursite:8022/prestoadmin/presto is the default value for this field, but the correct URL should be defaulted in after you move away from the Server Address field.

After entering your settings use the Test button to verify your configuration. Presto prompt you to sign on to your IBM i. When you click OK at the Login window, Presto should confirm that you have connected.

2. Launch the Designer

After Presto verifies that your connection is working, click OK to save the connection. When you do this, Presto will finish launching the Designer. If prompted, log in to your IBM i again.

After logging in, the Presto IDE will launch, displaying a web version of your IBM i login screen. If this is successful, continue with the next step.

3. Troubleshooting Tips

Here are a couple of things to check if you don't get a successful connection:

10061 Connection Error

The most common connection error (10061) is caused by the EXODUS55 subsystem not being active. To address this run the WRKACTJOB command and check whether the EXODUS55 subsystem is running and contains a job called EXSERV. If not, run the command STRSBS XL_EX55/EXODUS55. If the subsystem is running but EXSERV is not, end and restart the subsystem and confirm the job is added. Then try connecting again.

Other Connection Errors

If the subsystem is up but you can't connect, add XL_EX55 to the library list of your IBM i session and run the command ZDSPERRLOG to display a list of your connection attempts. Check for error messages (such as invalid User IDs, etc.).

If you can't spot the problem immediatly give us a call. You can reach our Technical Support team at (250) 655-1766 [7:30-17:00 PST] or the Sales team at (630) 986-0800 [8:00-17:30 CST]. You can also email us.

Port 4015

The default EXODUS55 port of 4015 usually works. If port 4015 is in use you can change the default port for incoming connections on the server using the XL_EX55/ZCFGTCP command (press F4 to prompt the command). Then enter a matching value here. If you change the server-side port value(s), restart the EXODUS55 subsystem.

You can also search our Knowledge Base on this topic.