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IBM i Green Screen Web Enablement White Papers and Ebooks

Download the following resources to learn how you can set your green-screen-to-web modernization project up for success.

The Business Case for IBM i Green Screen Modernization

IBM i web enablement white paper

Green screen modernization is about more than giving your legacy applications a pretty face. It also adds value and longevity to your IBM i. But before decision-makers greenlight your project, you’ll need to make a compelling business case for it.

Download this free ebook to learn about these business reasons for IBM i green screen modernization and many more:

  • Improving workflows and access to information
  • Leveraging and future-proofing your existing applications
  • Increasing end-user productivity
  • Taking advantage of mobile devices

You'll also see real-world examples that include screenshots and links to videos.

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IBM i Web Enablement: Five Decisions to Make Before You Start

IBM i web enablement white paper

Many people perceive IBM i as an outdated technology solely because of green screens. As a result, IBM i organizations are facing increased pressure to modernize their green screen application interfaces. The solution is to move them to the Web in order to take advantage of interfaces that are more intuitive and easier to access.

This white paper explores five questions, which will help you set your project up for success:

  • What are the project's scope and goals?
  • What is the timeline?
  • What is the project's budget?
  • Who will do the development work?
  • How will users access the web- enabled screens?

The success of your application modernization project also depends on choosing the right tool to web enable your IBM i green screens. The end of this white paper will introduce you to one solution, BCD's Presto.

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Making the Right Choice for Web Enabling IBM i Applications

Web-enabled green screens

There are still a large number of 5250, text-based applications running on IBM i installations around the world. IT managers and developers alike are challenged with finding a cost-effective yet reliable method of moving these applications from text terminals to browser-based platforms.

Making the right choice is important because any mistake can be costly, setting you back many man months or even years in effort, and possibly costing many thousands of dollars. This white paper will help you make the right web enablement choices by discussing:

  • Reasons to web enable.
  • Challenges of achieving web enablement.
  • Different IBM i modernization approaches.

This white paper also provides a detailed introduction to BCD's web enablement tool, Presto. You'll learn how Presto works and why Presto should be one of the tools in your arsenal to accomplish your modernization goals.

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