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The following webinars are designed to provide in-depth information that helps you become more familiar with Presto.

Todd Glassford
Greg Patterson
Todd Glassford
Marcel Sarrasin

What's new in Presto 7

Find out how your organization can boost productivity, improve workflows and reduce training costs by transforming green screens to web pages that are modern and easy to use.

BCD’s new Presto 7 now helps you do this even faster with enhanced mobile, responsive capabilities and a more modern look out of the box.

Join Marcel Sarrasin and Greg Patterson for a webinar where you’ll see:

  • What’s possible with green screen modernization
  • A live demo of how Presto works
  • New features including responsive mobile, a modern skin and a new API

With new Presto 7, RPG and COBOL developers will be able to leverage existing applications and quickly deliver the professional web applications your users want.

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What's Possible with IBM i Green Screen Modernization

Presto logo

Green screen modernization is about more than improving the look of your applications. This webinar highlights real-world examples of modernized and mobilized screens that have improved workflows, increased productivity and decreased training costs.

You'll see a mobile warehouse application, a customer facing order entry application and more.

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How To Give Your Green Screens a Modern Web GUI

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View this webinar to learn why Presto is the fastest way to modernize and mobilize your IBM i. You'll see how Presto instantly gives all of your existing green screens a web GUI. How to use RPG OA to give new RPG programs a web GUI. How to add new functionality, such as images, tabs and datepickers, without HTML experience. As well as Presto's mobile support.

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RPG Open Access: So Misunderstood!

RPG Open Access (OA) continues to gain a lot of attention but there are still a lot of misperceptions about what it is and what you can do with it. View this webinar with IBM i champion Jon Paris and Quadrant and BCD's Marcel Sarrasin to learn the fundamentals of OA and how it can fit in your world. You'll also see how you can quickly modernize and mobilize green screens with Presto's OA handler.

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Making the business case for IBM i green screen modernization

View this webinar to learn why giving your green screens a web GUI maximizes your investment in IBM i. We discuss the top business reasons, supported by real-world examples, for IBM i green screen modernization.

You'll also see how BCD's Presto rapidly gives your green screens a web GUI while offering the most flexibility to add new functionality like images, drop downs and tabs.

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See how a non-programmer gave his green screens a web GUI

View this webinar to see how Evange Destounis, TMISI's CEO and a non-programmer, used Presto to give the application a visually appealing web GUI and added more value to it with new functionality. You'll also see why Presto is the fastest way to give green screens and new RPG programs a modern web GUI and new functionality using a refacing or OA approach.

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You can also view all of our on-demand product and IBM i industry expert webinars.


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