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Ease of Implementation

Free-format IF and EVAL statements

Write free form EVAL and IF statements

(Click image to enlarge)

Take advantage of the power and flexibility of writing free format IF and EVAL statements. The free format EVAL action directly corresponds to the EVAL operation in RPG IV. The validation and format of the EVAL action is almost identical to that of the free format IF condition. The logic is obviously different however; where an IF determines whether a string is true or false, an EVAL is more similar to an equation.


Actions ADDDUR and SUBDUR for DATE data fields

Add or subtract from date fields

(Click image to enlarge)

The DATINC action, in conjunction with the DATDEC and DATDIF supports the functionality of the ADDDUR/SUBDUR operations in ILE. These are used to add or subtract a duration from a DATE/TIME/TIMESTAMP data field.

Build Type L, T and Z fields

Create Type L, T or Z work fields

(Click image to enlarge)

Create a DATTIM work field which allows you to create Type L, T and Z fields, also known as Date, Time and Timestamp data fields.

User code automatically converted to ILE RPG

User Code automatically converted to ILE

(Click image to enlarge)

When you generate to the ILE/RPG target platform, any USRCOD or code entered at *PGMR tags that is written in RPG400 is converted automatically for you to ILE/RPG. This includes automatic conversion of program field names from RPG400 names to their new ILE/RPG counterparts.


New user code can be entered as ILE RPG

Enter User Code as ILE

(Click image to enlarge)

New user code added as USRCOD, USRSRC, in the shells or entered at *PGMR tags can be entered as either RPG/400 or ILE RPG.

Create Definition as *MODULE object

Create object as *PGM or *MODULE

(Click image to enlarge)

Definition can be created as either a Bound RPG program (*PGM object) or as a module (*MODULE object). Your ProGen ILE definition can be created as a *MODULE (module) or as a *PGM (program) object. An object type of *MODULE can be bound to other programs or service programs.

#Validation object created as *MODULE

Create Validation object as ILE *MODULE or *PGM

(Click image to enlarge)

Validation objects can be generated as ILE/RPG programs or modules or as RPG/400 programs.

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