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Develop ILE RPG or RPG/400 programs 8 to 20 times faster than manual methods - guaranteed!

Develop RPG programs 8 to 20 times faster


Over 2,500 installations

"Optimum Solutions successfully uses both WebSmart and ProGen Plus in the development of Optimum Solutions Payroll, Human Resources, and Applicant Tracking applications. Both of these BCD modernization products have helped us to rapidly develop and enhance our applications. BCD's technical support team is the best I've ever dealt with. They are always ready to go the extra distance whenever we've needed."
Mike Hayes
VP Software Development, Optimum Solutions

On this page:

What is ProGen Plus

ProGen Plus is the proven, affordable and easy-to-use iSeries-AS/400 Application Generator and Report Writer. Over the past two decades, thousands of commercial-quality applications, programs and reports have been built and deployed with ProGen Plus.

ProGen Plus combines the ease of use of template-based program design with the power of business and data modelling features to give you the most productive and flexible environment for building robust 5250-based business applications.

Winner of Many Industry Awards

ProGen Plus is a five time award winner including the Showcase Product Excellence award for the best iSeries - AS/400 Program Generator and Report Writer in the industry! ProGen Plus continually receives high praise throughout the industry.

50,000+ Ballots were sent, and the industry voted ProGen Plus the 'Best iSeries - AS/400 Program Generator, CASE Tool or 4/GL Product.'

Click here for a complete list of all BCD Software awards.


ProGen Plus, with 2,500+ installations, is the leading iSeries - AS/400 Automated Program Generator and Report Writer available. It works great in any environment that has new or existing DDS files or SQL tables. And, it's of great benefit to those working on:

  • New Application Development
  • Legacy Coded (in house developed) Systems
  • Purchased Third Party Application Systems

Develop Applications 8 to 20 Times Faster
Utilize the power and flexibility of this template based solution for Report Writing, Developing and Maintaining new iSeries - AS/400 programs and applications. Get results 8 to 20 times faster than manual efforts.

Two Editions - Standard and ILE/RPG

ProGen Plus comes in a standard edition that generates RPG/400 code for the OPM (Old Programming Model). You can also get the ILE/RPG Edition which generates ILE/RPG and lets you take full advantage of the ILE environment, using fixed or free-format RPG ILE code.

Endless options Allow You To Produce Commercial-Quality Applications
You will be able to use any iSeries - AS/400 DDS files or SQL tables with ProGen Plus. Select from many types of programs to develop, choose from different screen / report design options, add and save your company standards for re-use (e.g. positioning of Company headings, program name, user ID, date, time, functions keys... and more), and even add customized program standards (e.g. validations, work fields, program calls, parameter passing, help text, window calls, additional editing, add customized code, pull in external routines... and more)

Save time
Produce professional programs and applications. It automatically handles such logic as: record locking, work with concepts, rolling forward and backward in subfiles ....So you won't have to.

  • Key in Algebraic equations that are converted into RPG/400 source calcs.
  • Key in your own source calcs or pull in RPG routines you may have already developed.
  • Create work fields, validations, parameter passing, program calls ....
  • Use the robust built in Actions Editor to add pre-written logic.

Extend The Power of Your Applications

The Actions Editor is a very powerful feature in ProGen Plus. You can use single Action keywords to create complete sections of logic. Another helpful feature is the USRCOD action. It calls routines you have previously developed and pulls them into the created programs.This allows you to manage a routine in one area that may be called by many programs instead of maintaining the routine in each of those programs. This takes advantage of Object/Oriented concepts.

If you want, you can even edit the source code using SEU or WDSc, outside of ProGen's design tool, add your own logic within the insertion points and recompile it. When you edit that same program in ProGen's design tool later, all your external changes will be retained!

The programs you develop with ProGen utilize your own file and field names from your DDS files or SQL tables, so the generated code is easy to read. You'll have no need to worry about cryptic, generated field names that are impossible to track. All the generated source is well documented, structured and readable.

Get Great Productivity Gains When Maintaining Systems

You'll also save significant amounts of maintenance programming time! ProGen Plus''s Central Repository automatically keeps track of every program you develop, including the files each program references, and the layout of each of those files. So when you or third party vendors make changes to DDS files or SQL tables, you simply tell ProGen Plus what files have changed. It automatically updates every program you developed that reference those files and to use the new file/field definitions for you. Finally, it will make screen and report changes, and document if any of the new fields could not properly fit on the affected screens or reports so they can be manually updated through ProGen. Then just regenerate the programs from the list provided.

Quickly Develop 15 different types of robust programs
You can quickly develop 15 different types of robust programs including: Subfile maintenance, Subfile Inquiries, Subfile Windows, Powerful Reports with CL and prompt programs, flexible Queries and Query views, Header/Detail record processing (order/entry-inquiry), Batch update processing, transaction file, prompt programs...

Develop Programs The Very First Day

There are 3 skill levels in ProGen Plus. Most programming needs fall in the entry and middle levels:

  1. Entry Level Develop programs the very first day: Single file type programs... e.g. Reports, Queries, Subfile: Maintenance, Inquiry and Windows...
  2. Intermediate Level Multi-file programs and reports, parameter passing, program calls, validations, work fields... accomplished within days of first utilizing ProGen Plus.
  3. Advanced Level Powerful actions editor, sophisticated Order/Entry type programs, batch update, powerful file reports that update auxiliary files... and much more.

If you have Programming & Reporting projects coming up, a Shortage of Programmers, and/or a Programming Backlog, then ProGen Plus will really help you. Starting the very first day, ProGen Plus users develop and maintain programs 8 to 20 times faster than manual methods, using its many Rapid Application Development processes. It is proven to work on:

  • New Application Development
  • In-house Developed Systems
  • Third Party Systems

Try ProGen Plus on a Free Trial

The average investment in ProGen Plus is just 8 to 10 weeks of one programmer's pay. It will t pay for itself over and over again. With ProGen Plus, you're not programming, you're orchestrating! This proven, automated and easy-to-use solution is successfully installed in 2,500 + organizations worldwide. Let us show you why on a FREE trial.



Version 9 New Features:
See a list of the key features in v9 and the fixes it includes

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